Local LGBTQIA+ group join Liverpool’s pride celebrations onboard the Pride of Sefton

Local support group, Sahir House, took trips onboard the Pride of Sefton to help to improve service users’ health and wellbeing ahead of Liverpool’s pride celebrations.

Sahir House is dedicated to improving sexual health education and HIV awareness and have offered support, prevention, information, and training across Merseyside for over 35 years.

Since 1985 the organisation has been campaigning to reduce the stigma around and the rights of those living with HIV and related intersectionalities, including gender, sexuality, and asylum status through their ‘Many Hands One Heart’ programme.

Thanks to a grant from One Vision Housing’s Community Development Fund, the HIV support group took two three-hour excursions on the wide beam canal boat to travel through docks located within Liverpool’s former UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site.

Kathleen Charters, Wellbeing Practitioner at Sahir House, said, “A big thank you for making this happen, our service users had so much fun. As tourists waved and children raced the canal boat, I saw something beautiful across the faces of those on the boat who are often so socially anxious. That I have filed in my happy drawer.”

Shereen Cowley, Asylum and Advocacy Caseworker and MHOH Facilitator at Sahir House, added, “Thank you so much for offering this experience to our service users. It was really nice and both groups had a fantastic day. We would also like to extend a thank you to your volunteers who the day were very generous and patient with some of our service users.”

As part of The Sovini Group, the Pride of Sefton is proud to offer unique tours across Liverpool’s waterways to people from disadvantaged or marginalised communities and those experiencing social isolation thanks to its partnership with fellow Group members, One Vision Housing.

Ian Mitchell, Managing Director of Housing for The Sovini Group, said: “We are driven to create opportunities and change lives at The Sovini Group and it is incredible to see our Community Development Fund bring the local LGBTQIA+ community together, supporting those at risk of social isolation to improve their mental health.”

To learn more about the Pride of Sefton and to book your trip, please visit prideofseftonboats.co.uk

For more details on how to apply for a grant from One Vision Housing’s Community Development Fund, please visit ovh.org.uk

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