Liverpool voter ID figures released by Electoral Registration Officer

The Electoral Registration Officer for Liverpool, Theresa Grant, has released data relating to the impact of voter ID in wards across the city in the May 4th elections.

Voters at polling stations were required to provide one form of photo ID before receiving a ballot paper.

The acceptable forms of ID were determined by legislation, and those without could apply for a Voter Authority Certificate.

The Council undertook a citywide campaign to raise awareness of the need for Voter ID and what was acceptable. This included information in Council Tax bills, an email to electors, advertisements on the city’s network of outdoor digital screens, leaflets delivered with poll cards, information in council newsletters and social media plus traditional media coverage via press releases.

In Liverpool, 576 Voter Authority Certificates were issued before the elections.

On polling day:

  • 62,681 voters were issued with a ballot paper at the polling station
  • 516 voters were not issued with a ballot paper because they did not have appropriate voter ID – but 278 (53.9%) returned with acceptable ID and were able to vote
  • A total of 238 people did not return to vote

The figures show that 99.6% of electors attending a polling station were able to vote.

A detailed ward breakdown is available at

No information is available about the number of people who chose not to attend a polling station as a result of the introduction of voter ID.

Turnout in the 2023 local elections was 27.27%, compared to 30.85% in 2021 and 27.33% in 2019.

More detailed information about voter ID in polling stations can only be shared by law with the government and the Electoral Commission.

Electoral Registration Officer, Theresa Grant, said, “We have made these disclosures to improve the transparency and openness of the election and the impact of voter ID on voter turnout.”

Image: LCC

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