Liverpool Seafarers Centre initiates Christmas appeal

Liverpool, a prominent port for the global movement of goods, is reliant on the seafarers who tirelessly work in the sector to ensure the smooth operation of businesses in the Merseyside area throughout the year.

As the festive season approaches, a Merseyside-based charity dedicated to supporting seafarers is reaching out to local businesses, urging them to contribute generously to the cause.

John Wilson, the Chief Executive of the Liverpool Seafarers Centre (LSC), emphasises that this year’s appeal is specifically targeting local businesses and organisations, inviting them to donate branded merchandise, electrical equipment, warm clothing, confectionery, or monetary contributions.

These generous offerings will enable the LSC to assemble Christmas parcels for distribution to over 1000 seafarers who will be visiting Merseyside ports over the festive period.

John Wilson said, “Liverpool is a hub port for the movement of worldwide goods, and many businesses in the Merseyside area rely on shipping, and the seafarers who work in the sector, to keep their businesses running smoothly year round.

“We want businesses to give something back to these people, who are often from disadvantaged countries and work tirelessly to provide for their own families back home.”

The LSC expresses gratitude for donations of gaming equipment, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and headphones, as well as warm new clothes, books, toiletries, chocolates, and puzzles.

These gifts will be distributed not only to ships calling at Merseyside ports during Christmas but also to ships that have docked earlier in December and will be at sea during the festive holiday.

Additionally, Mr. Wilson has confirmed that the LSC plans to hold its annual seafarer Christmas Eve Mass at the chapel located within its Crosby headquarters.

For those interested in learning more about the valuable work carried out by the Liverpool Seafarers Centre and wishing to contribute gifts, please contact them via telephone at 0300 800 8085, visit 20 Crosby Road South, Liverpool, Merseyside L22 1RQ, or email at Donations can also be made conveniently through their website at

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