Liverpool couple report having no post ‘for weeks’

A Liverpool couple had to collect more than 30 backdated items of post for weeks after they were not delivered correctly.

Julie Gannon said she and her husband came back from the Speke sorting office with dozens of letters on two separate occasions after staff failed to deliver to their home. Mrs Gannon expressed her concern at an apparent lack of deliveries given she was waiting on important financial and healthcare documents.

It is the latest episode of residents speaking out about issues with Royal Mail, with similar failings across Merseyside in the last six months.

Mrs Gannon said she took it upon herself to visit the South Parade sorting office to resolve the matter. She said, “We’d had no post for around two weeks, we were waiting on bank cards and PINs.

“Initially we were told around seven days for them to come, it was weeks. My husband in the end went down to the sorting office and came back with about 20 letters, all backdated.

“I went earlier this week and ended up bringing another 13 home. There were other people there, with one who told me she was waiting for vital food replacement syringes that she hadn’t had for three weeks.

“It’s been going on for around a month now. We can’t go and pick it up all the time because I work and my husband does too.”

Mrs Gannon said her concerns were stronger given upcoming appointments regarding heart treatment and feared she may not have been informed in time. She said, “Luckily I got a text from Whiston Hospital about my appointment. 

“How many other people have missed out on appointments because their letters aren’t being delivered? It’s the knock on effect of it all as well.

“Something needs to be done, it’s not acceptable, it’s not on.”

In December, Anthony Harrison from Waterloo said he had not had any post delivered to him in two weeks. Confused about why he hadn’t had any deliveries, Anthony visited his local sorting office. 

Mr Harrison said he was told any post would be delivered to the sorting office, but nothing was said about the post that had still not arrived there. In the same month, residents in Skelmersdale said they felt like they were in a “Bermuda Triangle for mail”, with some claiming not to have received any post for months and regular queues at the local depot.

Locals in the West Lancashire town are fed up with not receiving mail deliveries, with only parcels being delivered to some addresses by postal workers. In the run up to Christmas last year, Bethan Meredith lives on Rathbone Road in Wavertree and said people on her road have not had their post delivered regularly in months.

On that occasion, a spokesperson for Royal Mail said, “We are committed to restoring our quality of service to our customers. We have plans in place and dedicated teams responsible for improving deliveries in Liverpool and at our delivery offices nationwide.

“Since July we have hired more than 8,000 postmen and women and are continuing to recruit 500 permanent positions a week in delivery.”

The LDRS contacted Royal Mail for comment following Mrs Gannon’s concerns.

Image credit: Humphrey Bolton (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0)

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