Liverpool City Region residents urged to ‘Recycle Right’

A new campaign has been launched across the Liverpool City Region reminding residents how to make the most of their recycling.

Don’t Treat us Like Rubbish is part of Recycle Right, an initiative led by Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority, MRWA to help improve recycling rates across the city region. The new campaign is reminding local householders of what can be recycled where and preventing bagged waste and unwanted materials being put into recycling bins.

Councillor Tony Concepcion, Chairperson of MRWA, said, “Items are being put in recycling bins that aren’t currently accepted, and some materials are placed in dirty, or recycling bagged up, which can often ruin entire loads of collected recyclables. Our core message is trying to remind residents that recycling is a valuable resource, not just rubbish. We need to keep our recycling clean and leave it loose in our bins.”

The new campaign can be seen on digital media screens around the city region, as well as on social media channels.

Carl Beer, Chief Executive of MRWA said, “Data shows that there is an issue with contamination across the city region which comes from bagged recycling, which is unable to be recycled effectively. The campaign is a reminder to everyone about what they can recycle and where they can recycle it. Managing materials and resources sustainably is key in the fight against climate change and having a local environment we can all be proud of.”

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