Liverpool author celebrates the release of ‘Silent George’ with interactive children’s event

One of the most exciting children’s authors in the UK today, and a speech and language campaigner, Robbie Blackhurst, is celebrating the release of his book, Silent George, with a storytelling event for children at Liverpool Central Library. 

Silent George: A Storytime Adventure is an event for children to find the power of their own voices and discover the joys of storytelling.

It will feature a live reading of Silent George by a specialist storyteller, who will bring the story to life through creative storytelling.

Silent George tells the story of a young gorilla called George, who has not yet found his voice. Throughout his journey, George meets a cast of characters that need his help. With the support of his teacher, George is able to summon up the confidence to help his friends and ultimately find his voice. 

Following the book reading, Clem Studholme, director of education at The Rubbish Shakespeare Company – a children’s and family-friendly theatre company with roots in creative education – will host a specialist workshop to help children find their confidence by using their own voice.

The release of Silent George is also in support of Speech and Language UK, a charity that supports the 1.7 million children in the UK who are struggling with their talking and understanding of words. 

Speaking about the event, author, Robbie Blackhurst, said, “Silent George is an endearing tale for any child who can get anxious about starting school and struggling to find their voice. It was great to meet so many Silent George fans, hearing what they have to say about the book, and just having the most amazing time with the children and families who the book has hopefully helped since its release.”

Clem Studholme, director of education at The Rubbish Shakespeare Company, “Silent George is a story about expression, care for others and finding your voice – whatever that looks like for you or your child. As children grow and start expressing themselves, they develop their sense of self, which will help them build confidence, courage and will prepare them for life beyond their early years.

“Being able to bring this story to life with the children, alongside the wonderful illustrations, is a privilege and a joy.”

Silent George is available to buy via Amazon, or directly from the Silent George website

Image: Robbie Blackhurst and son, George outside Central Library

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