Little litter picker helps keep Moreton spick and span

Moreton’s youngest litter picker is doing her bit to help keep the streets of Moreton neat and tidy and litter-free (with a little help from mum!)

Four-year-old Esme and her mum Sabrina venture out several times a week collecting litter. They pick about two bin bag’s worth each time they go on a litter picking expedition around the town.

Sabrina said, “Esme started collecting litter from a very young age and from the age of one she’d always put her litter in the bin. Obviously, I encouraged her to do it!

Sabrina told that when Esme was two, she’d look around and see litter on the floor and say, “It doesn’t go on the floor, it goes in the bin!” This is a piece of advice that some of the more grown-up residents could well take heed of.

“It just stemmed from there really.”, Sabrina continued. “When we’re out litter picking, Esme worries about the effect of litter on birds and other wildlife.” At this point, Sabrina turned to Esme and said, “You worry about the birds don’t you?”, to which Esme replied, “It makes them very poorly if they eat it.” Sometimes the wisdom of children is beyond their years.

Esme is clearly very proud of her efforts to help keep the environment clean and help wildlife at the same time. Sabrina said, “We try and get out two or three times a week and we spend a good three hours and if there’s a lot of litter, we can fill two big bin bags full.”

Esme likes to keep herself busy. Not only does she pick litter, she also bakes cakes. Sabrina said, “She started making cakes from the age of two-and-a-half , we started of making them for family.

“Then Esme wanted to make them for neighbours which we did for a couple of weeks. Then in lockdown, she started making them for local shops to make people smile and happy with the bad time we were going through.

“Kodi Lucas estate agents have put a lot of time and support into Esme’s cakes, and she has made cakes for the hampers for the Outreach Project for families in need. She has helped the Moreton in Bloom ladies with planting, she bakes for everyone in Moreton and most people donate ingredients towards her cakes.”

It’s a shame that Esme has to collect litter that unthinking grown-ups leave behind, when she could be making cakes for them.

Esme is looking for friends her age in Moreton to join her in her litter picking exploits when she starts school in September. If you think your kids would like to join in, you can get in touch with Sabrina on Facebook at Esme-Community at heart


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