‘Liquidation’ club night comes to Birkenhead

It’s 10 years this April since the infamous Liverpool institution Le Bateau closed its doors for good (has it really been that long!?)

Any regular at Le Bateau will fondly remember the Liquidation nights held there (or maybe not, depending on how much Red Stripe was consumed!) Liquidation promoter, Jules Bennett, thought that it was high time for a reunion and he chose Future Yard in Birkenhead as the venue.

birkenhead.news spoke to Jules about Liverpool’s longest-running club night that has been on the go since 1993. “For a big chunk of that time, between 1996 and 2012, Liquidation was at Le Bateau in Duke Street every week.”

And Jules is hoping to recreate that vibe at Future Yard. “It’s like indie rock n’ roll! We play stuff like Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, LCD Sound System, The Cure, The Stones, Arcade Fire. We’ll be playing dance music for indie kids, and indie music for dance kids!”

Liquidation’s Jules Bennett outside Future Yard, Birkenhead

“Le Bateau was a great venue, off the beaten track, on the outskirts of town,” he says. “Liquidation was a destination event with lovely people and great music. As close to perfect as you could get!”

Le Bateau, and the Liquidation night, in particular, were institutions. “You’d get people going to all of the chain bars, the chart music bars – but then people would discover [events like Liquidtion] that had their own identity and didn’t conform to the lowest common denominator. We were proud of the music we played and it showed.”

Jules thinks that Future Yard is a natural home for Liquidation, a fixture of the Liverpool music scene, even if it is only for a one-off event. “It’s got the right feel. It’s run by people that love music, it’s properly independent – something that is very difficult to find in Liverpool city centre these days.”

Reaffirming his choice of venue, he simply says, “Well, the future is Birkenhead!”

Liquidation Club
Le Bateau 10-Year Reunion @ Future Yard
2messy DJs, Steely Fran, Scooter Paul
Saturday 9th April 2022
Tickets £6.50 advance +BF

75 Argyle Street

Liquidation on Twitter

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