Lib Dems hold Oxton in by-election

Lib Dem Orod Osanlou has won the Oxton by-election with a total of 1666 votes and a vote share of 68%. The second-placed candidate is Labour’s Susan Mahoney with 460 votes and a 19% share.

The by-election took place due to the death of Cllr Andy Corkhill, who passed away on 4 October. Andy was just 36, but had been fighting recurring outbreaks of cancer since he was at university.

Orod Osanlou can now get on with his promise to electors to “provide the service Oxton residents rightly expect and be responsive to their needs.”, as he said prior to the by-election.

As part of his manifesto, Dr Osanlou said, “A priority within the ward is to make residential roads safer and more pleasant places to live, by limiting traffic speed to 20 mph.

“Parking is a problem in the ward and we particularly need measures to reduce the congestion around our schools.

“I want to see the precious Williamson open again on Sundays.

“The Council faces severe difficulties, but residents are not interested in politicians blaming each other for the problems: they want councillors to concentrate on getting the borough’s finances back on track and protecting the services we all rely on.”

Commenting on his election to ward councillor, Dr Osanlou said, “I am delighted that I have been elected to represent the people of Oxton on the Council. This is another strong endorsement for the Liberal Democrats and I am glad to join the great Oxton Focus team and help the local community.”

Below is a table of the candidates and the votes cast.

Oxton – Lib Dem HOLD

Lib DemsOrod Osanlou 166668%+8%
LabourSusan Mahoney46019%-11%
ConservativePhilip Merry1687%+2%
GreenRachel Heydon1476%+6%
Electorate: 10795 Total votes: 2441 Turnout: 23%

2019 Oxton Election Result

Lib DemsAndy Corkhill2627 60%
LabourJeff Davies129830%
UKIPChris Bunker2456%
ConservativeTina McDonnell2205%
Electorate: 10950 Total votes: 4390 Turnout: 40%

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