Letters to the Editor: Why isn’t ‘None of the Above’ an option on ballot papers?

Dear Editor,

It’s that time again, when we are asked to vote in some very important public officials, such as a Police Commissioner and Liverpool [Metro] Mayor.

Democracy in action one might say, except it’s not.

Unless residents of the region actively seek information on the candidates, which few will nobody actually knows who they are and what they stand for.

I would wager that at least 80% of those voting have no idea who the names on the ballot paper or what they stand for.

Is anybody really expecting a candidate for say, Police Commissioner to say something/anything radically different from any other candidate? Is one of them likely to say let’s legalise cannabis and tax it raising millions in revenue for Merseyside? Let’s issue compulsory work orders to minor offenders, in order to help with the Council’s workload, maintaining the Parks and , yes, picking up litter?

I think Not.

Is no choice really Democracy?

Or is the whole thing just a waste of money, as no matter who wins, not a single thing will change?

All ballot papers should have an option for ‘None of The Above’, and voting should be compulsory.  Then we would have a Democracy.

Kevin, Wallasey

Editor’s note: When all candidates are announced, Birkenhead News will run articles highlighting the manifestos of the candidates in both the Metro Mayor and PCC elections. We urge our readers to read these articles when available.

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