Letters to the Editor: When will West Kirby memorial bench plaques be reinstated?

Dear Editor,

Prior to the building of the wavy wall on West Kirby Promenade, there were some 90 individual benches most of which had been “adopted” by local people who wished to honour and remember their loved ones.  They paid Wirral Borough Council handsomely for the privilege of attaching a plaque to “their bench”.  We are talking in the region of £400 minimum.

Before the wavy wall was built, all the benches were removed and stored, but “owners” were promised that the plaques would be reattached to the wall of seating once it was completed.  Some people asked for their seats to be relocated in local parks and gardens and were promised that this too would be allowed.

Sadly, now that the new wall seating is in place, very few of the bench “owners” have seen any evidence of these promises being kept.  Why are the local council taking such a long time?  No explanation or apology has been offered as far as anyone in authority can tell me. 

Peter Ryan, West Kirby

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