Letters to the Editor: Put wetlands at the heart of community

Dear Editor,

As the world recognised the importance of wetlands on World Wetland’s Day this month, I’m keen to help spread the word about these often undervalued habitats – including in your area. 

Wetlands are essential to life on earth. Not just home for 40% of the world’s species, and beautiful and inspiring places for us to spend time, they also do vital work on behalf of all of us – providing natural flood defences, cleaning water and storing huge amounts of carbon to help combat climate change.

Wetlands can do so much to enhance our lives wherever you live and are the foundations for a healthy planet, but only if we protect what’s left and create more of them. Over the past 300 years, a staggering 87% of the world’s wetlands have been lost and 13% of freshwater and wetland species are threatened with extinction in Great Britain.

This is why the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, a charity I am proud to be president of, has launched a new campaign calling for the creation of 100,000 hectares of healthy wetlands across the country and for the government to put wetlands at the heart of their efforts to use natural solutions to fight climate change and increase biodiversity

Are you in? If so, please support wetlands by signing WWT’s Wetlands Can! pledge at wwt.org.uk/wetlands-can

Warm regards,

Kate Humble

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