Letters to the Editor: More consistency in 20mph roads

Dear Editor,

Reading all the comments about the 20mph speed limits around Wirral, I wonder how much thought has gone into this roll-out.

For instance, in Rock Ferry, there’s a 20 mph between two roundabouts on Bebington Road, at Victoria Park. This is then signed as 30 just as it reaches the school area of Prenton High School and goes on for a couple of hundred metres until it suddenly becomes 20 mph at the Tesco store.

Being local, I am becoming used to keeping one eye on the speedometer and one on the road. My car is automatic and I spend a lot of time braking, in order to keep legal.

I think it’s better to have long distances of 20 mph, rather than these short distances of 20, then 30 and back again.

If I’m confused, what are visitors feeling?

Karen Henderson, Wirral

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