Letters to the Editor: I totally disagree with your piece on flash flooding

Dear Editor,

I totally disagree with your piece on flash flooding.

The grids in the streets and roads never get cleaned out. I used to see this happen on many occasions around Wirral.
A grid can be partially blocked to stop full water flow to get away.

Also, I see a lot of builders pour cement buckets down grids the cement will go hard in the grids and block them.
It is the council responsibility to clean out these grids. By not doing them is purely another cost-cutting exercise.

Paul Franks. Wallasey

This letter references an article published following flooding in Wirral on 9 September 2021. The article in question was used information and quotes from flooding experts. https://www.birkenhead.news/why-do-we-get-flash-floods-in-wirral-when-it-rains-heavily/

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