Leading training provider calls for businesses to upskill their older workforce

One of the country’s leading training centres, HybridTec, is calling upon local businesses to sign up to its apprenticeship scheme and upskill its employees ahead of the next intake of students in September.

Based in Liverpool, HybridTec offers a wide range of apprenticeship training in the energy and utility sector, including the latest renewable energy technologies. It is now encouraging businesses within the sector to upskill its employees who need to uphold the highest possible standards according to its line of work.

HybridTec’s training team is all current hands-on professionals, with all of its employees closely involved with the development of employer-led, bespoke programmes. Among its award-winning apprenticeship training programmes for 16-19 year olds, HybridTec is also calling for more established businesses to join its more advanced apprenticeship training schemes and either retrain or upskill its workforces, especially in the upskilling of green skills in particular.

The development of green skills for more sustainable jobs is vital to ensuring a smooth transition to a more environmentally-friendly economy by helping workplaces meet the demand for green skilled workers.

Apprenticeships add enormous value to businesses and provide adults with the chance to pursue a new career or for a business to upskill its employees in new, eco-friendly skills. HybridTec is keen to work with businesses to engage its employees and encourage them to upskill, helping them to further themselves and meet its career goals.

Sophie Gilmore, managing director at HybridTec, said, “We must invest in the future, and if the next generation is to flourish in the renewable energy sector, we must present our apprentices, especially our older, more established apprentices, with the opportunity to upskill or change careers.

“It’s important for employers to upskill their workforces with not only the skills, but also the knowledge to progress through the world of work fully equipped for whatever the future may hold.

“With our training on offer in green technologies and the wider energy and utility sector, apprentices both young and old, will benefit from the highest possible standards of training.”


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