Latest stats show reductions in crime across the board in Merseyside

Latest statistics show overall crime has fallen by 7.7% in Merseyside for the year ending September 2023 compared with the previous 12 months.

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) released an annual report on Thursday, 25 January, to show crime statistics for all police forces across England and Wales, where crime had fallen by 0.2% on average.

In Merseyside, burglary offences have continued to decline with a 13.1% reduction, (there was a 7.6% drop in the previous year’s ONS report), which is a bigger reduction compared to the national average of 1.5%.

Despite a rise nationally, there has also been a 5% decrease in drugs offences in Merseyside, largely thanks to ongoing proactive operations to disrupt those involved in serious and organised crime, which includes regular stop checks, warrants and land searches.

Elsewhere, sexual offences dropped by 9.7% and public order offences fell by 13.3%.

And while the following crimes rose across England and Wales, here in Merseyside we saw significant reductions:

  • Robbery offences fell by 8.9% 
  • Violence against the person offences fell by 8.4%. 
  • Vehicle Offences fell by 3.4% 
  • Possession of weapons offences fell by 6.3% 
  • Theft fell by 2.6%

Responding to the statistics, Deputy Chief Constable Chris Green said, “I am incredibly proud to see that the hard work put in by officers and staff day in, day out has reaped such rewards.

“These statistics are not just numbers on a page – they represent thousands less people in Merseyside suffering at the hands of criminality, and less victims and their families counting the cost of being assaulted, burgled or robbed.

“Crimes such as burglary can devastate victims in our communities, and it’s pleasing to see that the force’s efforts in this area, including a focussed activity under Operation Castle continue to provide year-on-year reductions and a 13.1% decrease this year.

“It is obviously hugely encouraging to see that sexual offences have decreased by 9.7%, and we will continue our dedicated work to reduce what is a heinous and incredibly distressing crime through the force’s Unity Team who are specially trained to both thoroughly investigate allegations and make sure that those reporting them are properly supported throughout the criminal justice process.

“These statistics show the excellent work of officers and staff right across various departments here at Merseyside Police, all of whom remain committed to putting the public first.

“They have done and will continue to do everything they can to prevent and detect crime in Merseyside, and our hope is to drive further decreases in these and other crimes during 2024.”

There was an increase in one crime type – shoplifting was up by 9.6% in Merseyside, and had risen by 32% nationally. Merseyside Police continue to work with businesses to combat a crime that is not victimless, and can have a very real impact on businesses large and small operating in Merseyside, as well as the people who work in them.

Merseyside Police work with retailers every day to tackle shoplifting, providing additional targeted patrols and security advice and have successfully obtained Criminal Behaviour Orders to prevent repeat offenders from entering areas they have operated in.

Deputy Chief Constable Chris Green added, “Our relentless pursuit of those involved in serious violence and firearms enabled criminality continues as does our work with a multitude of partners in prevention and diversion, it is particularly pleasing that we have experienced a 6.3% drop in possession of weapons offences and firearms discharges have reduced by 50% for the same period, while knife crime has also been cut by 18.6%.

“Many of those involved in the storing and use of weapons have received substantial prison sentences in the past 12 months. This has clearly stopped their criminal activity in its tracks and spared the communities they offended in from further misery at their hands, and we will carry on making arrests, executing warrants and recovering firearms.

“Prevention too plays a huge part in helping to change mindsets and behaviours of those prepared to pick up a knife or firearm through education and various interventions. We work closely with partners including the five local authorities, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, public health, education and third sector organisations to see how we can further reduce this type of behaviour in our communities in the long term.

“Despite reductions in crimes across the board, our determination to keep bringing offenders to justice remains and we refuse to get complacent when communities in Merseyside depend on us to keep them safe.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the officers and staff of Merseyside Police. There is no doubt that their commitment and dedication to the communities of Merseyside is helping drive down crime on our streets, and I know we can count on them to keep up their vital work.”


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