Latest figures show Wirral COVID-19 rates fall again

The latest COVID-19 figures show an overall decline in infection rate, but an increase in four areas of Wirral, against an increase in nine areas last week.

The latest data shows that a further 17 people have died with COVID-19 in Wirral in the last week, compared to 23 the week before. Overall, the infection rate has continued to fall and now stands at 131.5 per 100,000, behind the rate for Merseyside as a whole (258.7), and for England (214.7)

However, the following four areas have seen an increase in the infection rate since last week’s figures were released. This is a decrease from the previous week’s figures when 9 areas showed an increase in infection rate.

  • West Kirby & Thurstaston: 237.4
  • Bromborough 172.7
  • Heswall 152.8
  • Greasby, Frankby & Irby 116.8

The remaining 18 areas in Wirral saw a decrease in the infection rate, with the exception of Eastham, where figures remained the same as the previous week.