Lasting impact of The Beatles explored in new book by Birkenhead author

The impact The Beatles made across the world is explored in a new book by a Visiting Professor from the University of Chester. 

Dr Stephen F. Kelly, Visiting Professor in Media at the University, is the author of a new book, How The Beatles Rocked the World (Pen and Sword Books). 

Stephen’s book delves into the impact of the Beatles on British society during this transformative era, drawing from firsthand experiences watching the band at The Cavern in Liverpool. 

The book looks at how the Fab Four burst onto the pop scene in 1962, influencing not only the music world but also introducing a counterculture with far-reaching effects. Their long hair, humour and irreverent attitude toward authority breathed fresh air into a generation weary of the post-war years’ monotony. 

Beatlemania sparked a revolution against the outdated norms of the 1950s. Young people, eager to escape stifling suburban formality, led the rebellion. Across politics, fashion, education, the arts, religion, television, women’s rights, and universities, the old order faced challenges. The swinging sixties brought more liberal attitudes, promising change and a more just world. Contraceptives, legalised abortion, gay rights, easier divorce, and relaxed censorship were part of this social transformation. 

The Beatles’ influence extended beyond Britain, resonating across Europe and especially in America. American teenagers campaigned not only against the Vietnam War but also for civil rights. 

Stephen, from Birkenhead, is the best-selling author of over 25 books, many about sporting personalities and oral histories. He was for many years a producer with Granada Television and before that was a political journalist in London. He has written for most newspapers and magazines.     

Stephen said, “The legacy of The Beatles is far reaching, not only in music but also through the band’s lasting impact across the world. It has been fascinating to research and remember the impact that the world still feels today.” 

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Image: Book cover and Dr Stephen F. Kelly

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