Lady Dodd to open first Tall Ship office

Leading Merseyside education and arts benefactor Lady Dodd will open the new office in Wirral for Mersey Adventure Sailing Trust (MAST) on Thursday 20 April 2023 at 12.30pm.

Lady Dodd, who is the widow of the legendary and celebrated Liverpool comedian Sir Ken Dodd and MAST’s President, will open this charity’s first office at The Pacific Road Enterprise Hub in Birkenhead.

This occasion is also the official launch of the Sir Ken and Lady Dodd Tall Ship Sailing Experience 2023 in which young trainee crews participate in voyages aboard traditional sailing Tall Ships to compete for the Sir Ken Dodd Cup.

Lady Dodd said, “Happiness is the greatest gift that we possess, as Ken sang. We can achieve this by working together and sharing joy as a team. MAST is the perfect embodiment of this principle and the reason why I am thrilled to be involved with it to support the young people of Merseyside.

“Ken was very interested in helping young people in Merseyside to get on in life and he’d be very proud of having his name associated with an organisation like MAST which is doing so much for them.”

Jim Graves said, “Sailing on a Tall Ship is about teamwork, learning to co-operate and take instructions for the benefit of everyone. It is the ultimate experience for character development.

“Lady Dodd’s support for MAST will help us achieve these goals and make Liverpool the Tall Ship centre for northern Britain.

“The Sir Ken and Lady Dodd Tall Ship Sailing Experience will be an incredible asset for the young people of not just Merseyside but also nationwide.”

Image: Lady Dodd, MAST President, with Jim Graves, MAST Founder

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