Lady Dodd launches Sir Ken Tall Ship Experience

The official launch has been announced of the brand-new Sir Ken and Lady Dodd Tall Ship Experience by Lady Dodd, the President of Merseyside Adventure Sailing Trust (MAST).

It will take place onboard the tall ship Pelican, moored at Canning Dock, Liverpool on Wednesday 7 June 2023, at 11am (adjacent to the Merseyside Maritime Museum, Royal Albert Dock).

Anne, Lady Dodd, widow of the celebrated Liverpool comedian Sir Ken Dodd, will host the launch onboard Pelican, one of the UK’s most renowned Class A tall ships, before the vessel inaugurates the first of the three Sir Ken and Lady Dodd Tall Ship Experience voyages around the Irish Sea and English Channel this summer.

After the conclusion of the third voyage, Lady Dodd, as MAST President and the charity’s leading individual supporter, will present the Sir Ken Dodd Cup to the winning trainee crew at the MAST Gala Dinner, at the Merseyside Maritime Museum in early autumn.

There is nothing in Northern England to compare with this tall ship 2023 adventure programme for 43 young people aged 14-26 years, many of whom have not had the opportunity to participate in any such maritime experience. There will be three voyages in 2023 using two tall ships – Pelican and the historic gaff ketch Maybe.

Lady Dodd, MAST President, who is a leading Merseyside arts and education benefactor, said, “Happiness is the greatest gift that we possess by celebrating working and sharing joy as a team. MAST is the perfect embodiment of this and the reason why I’m thrilled to be involved with it to support the young people of Merseyside.

“Ken was very interested in helping young people in Merseyside to get on in life and he’d be very proud of having his name associated with an organisation like MAST which is doing so much for them.”

MAST founder, Jim Graves, said, “Sailing on a tall ship is about teamwork, learning to co- operate and take orders for everyone’s benefit in a fantastic floating environment.

“It’s the ultimate experience for character development and, thanks to our sponsors, we are very pleased to be also giving this chance to disadvantaged young people who have never set foot on a sailing ship before.

“Lady Anne Dodd’s support for MAST will help us achieve these goals and make Liverpool the tall ship centre for northern Britain. “The Sir Ken and Lady Dodd Tall Ship Sailing Experience will be an incredible asset for the young people of not just Merseyside but the entire north.”

Image: Lady Dodd Jim Graves on TS Pelican

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