Labour hold Liscard in by election

Labour’s Daisy Kenny has won the Liscard by election with a total of 1137 votes giving a majority of 555 and a vote share of 54%. The second-placed candidate is The Conservative’s Jane Owens with 582 votes and a 27% share.

Below is a table of the candidates and the votes cast.

Liscard – Labour HOLD

LabourDaisy Marie Kenny113754%+3%
ConservativeJane Owens58227%+9%
Lib DemsSue Arrowsmith2019%=
GreenEdward John Lamb1095%-6%
IndependentLynda Ellen Williams683%
For BritainGary Bergan261%
Electorate: 11399 Total votes: 2123 Turnout: 19%

Before the by election, spoke to Daisy Kenny, “I’ve always wanted to work hard and be in a position where I can give back to the community. Just helping out with day-to-day things to help improve people’s lives.”, she explained.

Daisy can now get on with her promise to electors to help source grants and funding for the regeneration of Liscard town centre.

Recalling her time as a youngster, just a few short years ago, she said that at the time there wasn’t much for kids to do to keep themselves occupied in and around Liscard. “I think Liscard needs more community centres, more leisure activities, particularly in Egremont.”

A ‘casual vacancy’ had arisen in the Liscard ward following the resignation of Labour’s Sarah Spoor for personal reasons, leading to the by election on 22 July. The results of the 2019 election are below.

2019 Liscard Election Result

LabourSarah Kathryn Spoor 1733 51%
ConservativeMichael Thomas Taylor 609 18%
UKIPRodney Melbourne 374 11%
GreenPerle Sheldricks 360 11%
Lib DemsSue Arrowsmith 319 9%
Electorate: 11095 Total votes: 3395 Turnout: 31%


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