Labour councillors are leading the charge to clear up Wirral’s alleys

Wirral Labour councillors are pushing for a crackdown on fly-tipping. Seacombe Labour councillor Paul Stuart is leading the way, advising residents and helping neighbours come together with the council to tidy up alleyways to use them as secure communal space, litter pick in their area and keep plots of land tidy and free of litter. 

After spotting alleyways filled with furniture, toys, rubbish, and overgrowth in Bell Road and Rappart Road, he escalated the issue with senior council officers. He insisted this alleyway was cleared as a priority.

Following Cllr Stuart’s intervention, the council and its contractors have cleared the alleyway, removing several tonnes of waste, fly tipping and overgrowth. 

Cllr Stuart said, “Fly tipping is an ongoing problem. While most people take pride in the area they live, a small minority persistently dump their unwanted items. Disposing of household furniture, electrical items, bags of rubbish or building materials in the street or alleyways makes our community look run down and affects the quality of life for everyone.

“It is illegal to deposit household items in the alleyway, and anyone discarding items in such a manner is committing a criminal offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and may be liable to prosecution.

“We know that most residents love where they live and work hard to keep it looking its best. I have supported residents coming together and turning their alleyways into a secure communal space, developing an unloved, neglected area into a usable space. These great initiatives bring neighbours together and demonstrate they love where we live.

“I would like to thank the council and its contractors for the mammoth task of clearing this alleyway.”

Wirral Council offers collection of large items. To organise this, see 

To report fly tipping in your area see 

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