Knowsley Safari to spread a little sunshine this June with half-price offer 

Knowsley Safari has launched a half-price offer for all weekday visitors from Monday 3rd June to Friday 28th June to allow more families than ever to enjoy all it has to offer. 

With so much to do at Knowsley Safari including the Safari Drive, Foot Safari, amusement rides and animal displays, families could easily visit again in June and still have only paid the price of one ticket each. 

The five-mile Safari Drive has hundreds of animals to see on an adventure that includes an Asian section with its Bactrian Camels, yaks, nilgai, and blackbuck.

Meanwhile, the Safari’s African Savannah is home to Southern White Rhino, African Lions, wildebeest, ostrich and forest buffalo, all of which may seem a little tame compared with the lively baboons in their Monkey Jungle.

On the Foot Safari, visitors can drop by at Bear Country, home to Andean Bears, Bahia and Chui – and might even catch Chui showing off his coconut cracking skills. It is also home to a vast array of other animals including meerkats, giraffes, Red River Hogs and Amur Tigers. 

And there’s more. Regular Sea Lion Displays and Bird of Prey Displays are a perfect blend of entertainment and education for families with children of all ages, where trainers share interesting facts and answer questions about the animals. 

Ian Duke, Marketing Manager, Knowsley Safari said, “We hope our offer will spread a little sunshine this June, whatever the weather outside. With so many animals to see as well as amusement rides and food and drink to enjoy too, there’s enough to entertain families for a whole day and more.” 

For more information and to take advantage of the half-price offer, book online in advance here.  

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