Kirsty’s ‘Dip a Day’ challenge for Maggie’s Cancer Centre

Thousands have come together to ‘Dip a Day’ in October in support of Maggie’s Cancer Centre across the UK.

Supporters are putting their own stamp on the challenge by some taking a daily dip in the sea, a pool, a cold shower, or event an ice pool.

Maggie’s Wirral supporter, Kirsty, decided to take part in the Maggie’s Dip a Day challenge to support one of her best friends who is currently receiving treatment for breast cancer.

Kirsty said, ‘’I am doing the dip challenge due to one of my best friends, Donna, being diagnosed with breast cancer. She is currently going through treatment. Donna has spoken so highly of the support provided by Maggie’s Wirral and how important this has been for her.

“I discovered cold water dipping early this year and is a hobby I am really enjoying! With this in mind, when Donna saw the Dip a Day challenge for Maggie’s, she put my name forward and thought this would be a breeze for me!

“I think it is fair to point out that this is a hobby I have been trying to inflict on her for some time but have had a firm NO and been told I am crazy! So far, I have carried out all my dips in rivers, lakes, and waterfalls but I do have a few sea swims lined up too, one of which will take place on the evening of the 28th during a full moon. Dipping daily is definitely a challenge!

“I have loved the support and encouragement I’ve had from friends and family, and I think my favourite so far has been my swim with my niece. She joined me on dip day 7 and has overcome her fear of swimming in cold open water and now she is hooked too!’’

Maggie’s Wirral puts people with cancer at the heart of everything they do and believes that everyone should have access to professional psychological and emotional support, to help life feel more manageable for people affected by cancer.

Maggie’s helps people take back control when cancer turns life upside down, with support for anything from treatment side effects to money worries.

The centres’ professional teams provide help and information and run groups and activities, all designed to make coping with cancer easier.

Centre Head Kathy Wright said, “We are extremely grateful to Kirsty for her incredible support and bravery and for taking on the open water challenge. Her support ensures that we are able to keep the doors open for people who need us now more than ever.

“We have thousands of visits every year and our team of qualified professionals deliver an evidence-based programme of support, which has shown to improve physical and emotional wellbeing. Without the support of people like Kirsty this would not be possible’’

Maggie’s Wirral is on the grounds of Clatterbridge Cancer Centre (Wirral) and is a warm and welcoming place acting as a safe haven and providing an alternative to the hospital environment cancer patients and their friends and family see. Maggie’s relies solely on voluntary donations to support the ongoing services and keep their doors open.

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