Introduction of coastal and council car park charges on hold

The introduction of parking charges for on-street parking at coastal locations and free council-owned car parks has been put on hold following a full Council meeting last night.

It was raised in Monday’s full council meeting that recommendations made by the authority’s officers to implement charges have been threatened with a legal challenge, and confirmed by the borough solicitor. 

Wirral’s Labour group is no longer supporting Council officers’ proposals to bring in on-street parking in coastal locations. 

The proposals, which included on-street parking charges in coastal locations, were due to raise £500k per year

Charges proposed for several council-owned car parks, which are currently free, are also no longer being considered.

It is understood that the legal challenge is to one aspect of the parking charges planned implementation. However, the Labour group is calling for a review of all new proposed charges.

Another proposal, which saw the equalising of parking charges in council car parks across the borough, has now gone ahead. Previously, car parks in Birkenhead were charging more per hour than other areas of Wirral. The equalising saw fees reduced in the more expensive sites, with a levelling in other areas. 

The Labour group encourages active travel, investing in cycling, walking and public transport. 

Wirral council leader Cllr Janette Williamson said, “The Labour group is committed to making sure that the right decisions are taken, based on the right advice. And I am determined that those decisions have to be the right ones for the whole of Wirral.”

Cllr Paul Stuart, the Labour group deputy leader, “We are in the middle of a Conservative-led cost of living crisis, with Government cutting council budgets around the country. It seems unwise to be risking the threat of costly legal challenges.

“We have asked officers to find the £500k shortfall elsewhere and are not willing at this time to support introducing charges which could cost more than they bring in.”

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