Interfaith Week exhibition at Birkenhead Central Library

Birkenhead Library is hosting a community exhibition, put together by Wirral Deen Centre’s newly formed Education Group, as part of Interfaith Week.

The awareness week, which ran from 13 to 20 November, was an opportunity to strengthen good interfaith relations at all levels and increase awareness of faith communities in the UK, improving understanding between people of all faiths and none.

As part of the exhibition, tree saplings, donated by Wirral Council, are being given away for visitors to plant at home, and a badge design competition for local schools will be celebrated. Organisers then also hope to plant a commemorative tree following the event.

Piara Miah, Outreach Officer at Wirral Deen Centre said, “The Interfaith week competition involved children from local primary schools and engaged them in discussion about what actions we can take to save our environment. This is an issue that affects everybody.

“The interfaith angle and the concept of stewardship across all faiths showed how people of all faiths and backgrounds need to work together. We are grateful to WBC, schools, teachers and children who are supporting the importance of Interfaith Week which we hope will become an annual event.”

According to Wirral Deen Centre, along with focusing on faith issues, the educational and multifaith exhibition also focuses on the environment, coinciding with COP26.

Piara Miah, Kirsten Hulme- Strategic Librarian, Community Services, Pauline Cocker MBE, Labour Cllr Janette Williamson.

Amanda Evans, from Wirral Deen Centre, said, “Our exhibition will showcase some work from local primary schools, and also includes a ‘pledge tree’ allowing people of the local community to acknowledge what they will do to help limit climate change.

“Alongside this, we will be sharing knowledge about the key teachings of the three Abrahamic faiths (Islam, Judaism and Christianity) on stewardship and the natural world.

“We would like to extend the invitation to anyone in Wirral, to please feel free and welcome to visit the exhibition.”

Mayor Cllr George Davies said, “We should all be welcoming to all faiths. This exhibition highlights that point – we should respect everyone’s religion.” He went on to say that the exhibition forms an important part of children’s education.
Cllr Jo Bird and Piara Miah

Jo Bird, Councillor for Bromborough, visited the exhibition and said, “Mazel tov, mabruka, and congratulations to Wirral Deen Centre and its partners for putting on this Interfaith Week event and the exhibition. The artwork from the children across Wirral is fantastic.

“I particularly like images that bring together Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. I’m Jewish myself and I know from lived experience how important it is to build bridges find shared ground and look at what unites us, rather than paying heed to those that would seek to divide us.”

Piara Miah shows exhibits to Cllr Emily Gleaves.

On her visit, Emily Gleaves, Green Councillor for Birkenhead and Tranmere, told, “I think it’s good, especially for children, because they’re in a stage where they love learning, they’re like sponges, they absorb everything. So by introducing new experiences and new connections, new friendship groups to them, helping them learn different things, and then they grow and they can educate other people and then it’ll be a nicer community.”

The Interfaith Week exhibition at Birkenhead Central Library will run until 26 November.

Entry is free but booking is required for groups of more than five due to limited capacity. Please book through Birkenhead Central Library by emailing

Main image: (L-R) Peter Aspinall – Strategic Library Manager, Neil Sledge – Wirral Deen Centre Education Group, Piara Miah – Wirral Deen Centre Outreach Officer, Mayoress Cath Davies, Mayor Cllr George Davies, Diane Mitchell – Librarian.

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