Industry-leading college provides students with once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to resit A-Level exams

David Game College is providing students with the opportunity to resit their A-Level exams following the launch of a pioneering A-Level college in Liverpool.

Based in the city centre, the college will help students achieve their desired A-Level results by offering them the chance to resit their exams over a one-year, eighteen-month, or two-year period.

This course is designed for students who want to improve their A-Level results by studying in an environment that is tailored to their specific educational needs so that they can go on to study at the university of their choice.

The college will help prepare students with appropriate GCSE or equivalent qualifications for entry to higher education by offering a focused range of A-Levels taught by leading academics in their chosen field over a chosen period of time.

It’s academic structure is divided into four schools including the sciences, humanities & social sciences, modern languages, and business management. One-to-one tuition is also available in addition, if required as part of the course.

These flexible and tailored courses offer a second chance to students who may not have been ready to undertake A-Level exams straight from school or didn’t achieve the results they feel they’re capable of, and are looking for a second chance to get their foot in the door at their desired university and improve their grades. On average David Game College sends 70% of students to Russell Group Universities.

A former A-Level student at David Game College London, Charlotte, said, “When I was 16 I didn’t stay in education and instead went straight into work. Later I decided I wanted to go back to school and do my A-Levels. When I was looking around for where to study, David Game College London just seemed like the best place to be.

“When I was younger I didn’t have a great experience of school, but David Game College London was just great; the teachers were supportive and helped to change my view of how school was. I am really happy I came to David Game to do my A-Levels.”

Tom Davis, principal at David Game College Liverpool, said, “A-Levels serve a number of purposes. If your intention is to go to university, then A-Levels bridge that gap between GCSE and further study. If you decide not to go to university, however, then A-Levels show you have an interest in further study, and a passion for learning.

“Unfortunately, there’s a tendency to get your A-Level results and think you can’t retake them. This is just not true. The opportunity to go back and use what you’ve learnt in the future is invaluable; it’s important that you do yourself justice and present your best face to any employer or university in the future.

“David Game College Liverpool can provide students with a fresh start in a new environment, which can be vital if they feel like they haven’t performed in their previous one. Even though a learner may be young, they know exactly what they want to achieve, and that’s what David Game College Liverpool is here to help with.”

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