Improved accessibility at Wirral polling stations

Voters with accessibility concerns about visiting and casting their vote at a polling station on 2 May are being assured that arrangements are in place to make it as safe and convenient as possible. 

Every polling station in Wirral will provide a range of access adjustments and support equipment, including:

  • level or ramped access with door openings that are wide enough to accommodate almost all types of wheelchair
  • Low-level polling booths
  • Large print ballot papers, magnifying glasses and braille tactile voting devices
  • Easy grip pencils and chairs for anyone who needs them

Trained polling station staff will also be on hand to help where possible, which can include:

  • Taking a ballot paper outside to people who are unable to enter the polling station for any reason to enable them to cast their vote 
  • Helping to mark a ballot paper if people are unable to do it themselves

Voters are assured that polling station staff are legally bound to secrecy and will not tell anyone who they voted for.

Voters with a disability can also choose to bring someone over the age of 18 who they trust to help them at the polling station.  This person will be able to mark the ballot paper on behalf, and under the instruction of, the voter, and they must complete a short form to confirm they have recorded their vote faithfully.

Paul Satoor, Local Returning Officer at Wirral Council, said, “Although lots of people find postal voting easy and secure, many others prefer to cast their vote at a polling station on election day. It is therefore important that we remove as many barriers as possible and make it safe, convenient and straightforward for everyone.”

If you have any questions about the forthcoming elections, including any access concerns,  please contact Wirral Council’s Electoral Services Team by e-mail at  or tel. 0151 691 8046.

More information and resources for voters with a disability is posted on the Wirral Council website at  


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Ben explains what arrangements are in place to make voting in a polling station straightforward and convenient for everyone