Immersive art experience launches in Birkenhead tonight

This evening at the Bloom Building in Birkenhead is the launch event for Convenience Gallery’s latest ‘In Cahoots’ showcase, ‘Floor Plan’, an art installation by Ellie Towers and Reece Griffiths.

Floor Plan is an attempt to show the way childhood memories and activities manifest themselves in retrospect. Rooted in the idea of ‘weekends’ spent as a child, it has grown into something which attempts to reclaim lost places and pivotal events by pushing them into a shape that subverts the absurd. spoke to Ellie and Reece about their inspiration and hopes for their installation.

Ellie explained, “I think it’s definitely revolving around the idea of indoor space and outdoor space and sort of how that interlocks with memory, especially childhood [memories.] The imagery focuses around the idea of things that are more working class. There’s a lot of discussion around that!” Reece added, “It’s about “local, working communities living space.”

The artist’s continued, “So I guess it is creating a conversation for people with themselves, with other people, and with us artists, to sort of initiate a different experience for everyone who comes to it.

“With putting a lot of detail into it, comes a lot of specific experience and because this piece is about our own personal experience in such a specific way, we want to make this a personal experience for people so they come away with something that they feel like they can hold in their head about the piece that they feel like, maybe not everyone else, saw. [We put in] seven texts for people to read – maybe someone really clicks with one little bit of fiction or one little bit piece of imagery or something like that. [It’s about]And the way they all melt together.”

About the Artists

With the purpose of continually questioning traditional and accepted concepts and ideologies, Ellie and Reece create digitized objects and environments replicative and imitative of real-life structures, destroying and subsequently reconstructing them in a dialectically-layered fashion until; stripped bare of its original conditions, the new item establishes itself instead as something of a pseudo-structure, bridging the gap between the contradictions and polarities of functional meanings.

Exploring how warpings of gender, domestic life, and socially-fringed outlooks could help in dismantling the ties of moralistic and capital-convention, they join the viewer on a pilgrimage through fictional landscapes cobbled together from a collection of idiosyncratic totems. 

Floor Plan runs until 4 December 2021 at Convenience Gallery, Bloom Building, Birkenhead. CH41 5FQ

Main image: Reece Griffiths and Ellie Towers at Convenience Gallery, Bloom Building.

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