HyNet ‘ready to deliver’ and reduce carbon emissions to Net Zero

The North West and North Wales received a major boost today when the Government announced that HyNet is set to become one of two “clusters” for carbon capture schemes nationally.

Mick Whitley, MP for Birkenhead warmly welcomed this development. He has worked closely with HyNet for some time. It is an innovative low carbon and hydrogen energy project that will unlock a low carbon economy for the North West and North Wales and put the region at the forefront of the UK’s drive to net zero.

From 2025, HyNet will produce, store and distribute hydrogen as well as capture and store carbon from industry in the North West of England and North Wales.

It will use state-of-the-art technology to build new infrastructure. It will also upgrade and reuse existing infrastructure which is currently involved in fossil fuel production.

Its infrastructure is designed to be both affordable and safe, and to be built quickly to help the region and the UK to meet its net-zero targets.

By pioneering a just transition away from fossil fuels, we can not only curb the worst excesses of climate meltdown, but also breathe new life into towns like Birkenhead that have previously suffered industrial decline.

With the right support from the government, a clean energy revolution will create hundreds of thousands of jobs across the country, revitalise communities and restore hope to young people in the form of all-energy apprenticeships and other vocational training opportunities.

Mick Whitley MP said, “I have been a longstanding and enthusiastic supporter of HyNet North West, which is attempting to develop a low-carbon hydrogen network stretching from the North of Wales across the Dee to Liverpool, Greater Manchester, and Lancashire.

“HyNet estimates that it will be able to deliver 35% of the UK’s 1GW Hydrogen target by 2025 and will deliver enough carbon capture and storage capacity for ten million tonnes of CO2 by 2030.

“This project could have an enormous impact on people living throughout our region, creating an estimated six thousand permanent jobs, and contributing around £17 billion Gross Value Added to the regional economy by 2050. Not least, it will aid the drive to achieve our net zero targets.”

David Parkin, HyNet Project Director said, “We are delighted that HyNet has been selected to progress within Track 1 of the industrial decarbonisation Cluster Sequencing process.

“HyNet is led by the demand from organisations and stakeholders across the North West of England and North Wales, who all want to reduce carbon emissions to Net Zero. From as soon as 2025, the project will enable our manufacturing sector across the region to decarbonise, as well as providing the opportunity to transition the way we travel and how we heat our homes.

“The project partners are ready to deliver and, as one of the first industrial decarbonisation clusters, we will play a big part in shaping the country’s hydrogen economy, positioning the UK as a global leader in the sector.”

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