Huyton man jailed for over 12 years for drugs and firearms conspiracy

A man has today, Thursday 23 March, been sentenced to 1212 years in prison for his part in a Class A and B drugs and firearms conspiracy.

Jan Luke Carmichael, of Huyton, was identified by detectives as using the encrochat handle LEMONLAGER after sending selfies and images of his own hands from which fingerprint evidence was obtained.

He appeared at Liverpool Crown Court today after admitting conspiring to possess a firearm without a certificate, conspiring to supply a Class A drug x 2 (cocaine and heroin), conspiring to supply a Class B drug x 2 (cannabis and ketamine),

Evidence obtained by Merseyside Police showed Carmichael operated primarily as a courier, but also dealt drugs in his own right on occasion.

He would routinely move multi-kilo quantities of Class A and B drugs, collecting imported contraband, storing it until it was needed, then distributing it to customers as required. He operated throughout Merseyside, collected huge sums of cash and chased drugs debts.

In total, Operation Aquarium evidenced Carmichael conspiring to supply 14kg of cocaine, 6kg of heroin and 145kg of cannabis.

The firearm he conspired to possess was an AR15, a fully automatic assault rifle and the court was told he was actively seeking to secure the weapon for onward sale.

Carmichael was today sentenced to seven years for drug supply offences and 5 1/2 years for conspiring to possess a s1 firearms for sale or transfer. Both sentences will run consecutively for a total of 12 1/2 years.

Detective Constable Kevin Mitchell said, “Carmichael is just the latest person to be brought to justice for their involvement in the widescale peddling of drugs on the streets of Merseyside.

“What is even more concerning is that he was also convicted of conspiring to possess a fully automatic assault rifle – which we believe he intended to sell on – and clearly had no consideration for whose hands this potentially deadly weapon may end up in or for what purpose it may be used for.

“These people think they are above the law and can continue to ply their illicit trade and profit from their crimes without any repercussions.

“I am pleased that thanks to the diligence of our officers who carried out a detailed and thorough investigation we managed to secure enough evidence to put him behind bars for a number of years.

“Our work will go on to target other people involved in this type of criminality.

“I would ask our communities to continue to support us in our efforts to get these people off our streets and behind bars where they belong and encourage anyone who has any information about drug dealing or who is storing or using weapons in their communities to contact us so that we can take positive action.”

Image: Merseyside Police

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