Hoylake expects record-breaking attendance as The Open returns

People have been warned not to travel in Hoylake and West Kirby during the busiest periods of the Open.

The warning comes as Hoylake expects to receive 250,000 visitors for one of the most prestigious competitions in golf. The 13th time Hoylake has hosted the Open, this year is expected to bring in more visitors than ever before with the event taking place between 16 and 23 July.

To deal with the demand, Wirral Council has brought in temporary car parks and parking restrictions to help manage traffic. People are being encouraged to come in by public transport with train services doubling. West Kirby train station will also be closed for the event.

According to Wirral Council’s website, the busiest time of day will be between 6am and 10am and they are warning people not to travel during this time.

The local authority also said late afternoon to early evening will be busy though travel should be easier “as there are not so many people leaving the course at the same time.”

These times will be particularly busy between Thursday 20 July and Sunday 23 July when the championship starts. The days before this are practice days but will still be busy.

The local authority’s website said, “The Open sees the first tee-off at 6.30am in the morning and final play can last up to 9pm at night.

“This means that visitors arrive early in the morning and can be leaving late. The golfing crowd tends to arrive and leave at different times. There will be peak times, around 6am to 10am and late afternoon to early evening.”

It also said, “The practice days, on Sunday to Wednesday, will be a little quieter. The championship days, on Thursday to Sunday, are busiest.

“Busiest times of the day will be 6am to 10am, when people are arriving on the course. Early evening will also be busy as people leave the course. Evening times are easier as there are not so many people leaving the course at the same time.”

Image: Jan Kruger/R&A/R&A via Getty Images

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