Hoylake beach Village Green application out for public consultation

An application from a number of Hoylake residents to have part of the town’s beach registered as a Town or Village Green (TVG) is under consideration by Wirral Council.

As part of the application process, a consultation with residents and landowners is required which has been launched today, running for just over six weeks.

Registration as a TVG applies a number of protections to land, including preventing it being developed and any interference with the soil. Any works carried out on the land would have to be for the enhancement of the TVG as recreational space, or it would be an offence.

The TVG also ensures it is kept as an area where local people can take part in lawful recreational activities. 

However, as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Hoylake Beach already enjoys a degree of protection as any proposals for activities, development or works on there currently needs permissions from Natural England and, in some areas, from the Marine Management Organisation.

A Beach Management Plan, which will set out the proposed future management of Hoylake Beach with assent from Natural England, is still under development. The application to register Hoylake Beach as a Town or Village Green is separate to the development of the Beach Management Plan.

Further information on the TVG application, the process for determining it and the chance to register your views can be found on the consultation webpage – haveyoursay.wirral.gov.uk  – from Thursday, 7 December 2023. Details will also be available to view in person at West Kirby library and Birkenhead Town Hall.

There is also an option to send comments to hoylakebeachtvg@wirral.gov.uk , or write to Hoylake Beach TVG, Legal Services, Wirral Borough Council, PO Box 290, Wallasey, CH27 9FQ to arrive on or before 28 January 2024.

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