Hedgehog hero leads awareness weekend at Eureka! in Seacombe

Lyndon Howson, an esteemed hedgehog expert and zoologist, recently led a highly successful Hedgehog Awareness Weekend workshop at Eureka! Science + Discovery.

The event, held in Seacombe last weekend, drew a significant number of participants eager to learn about hedgehog conservation and practical steps to create hedgehog-friendly environments in their gardens.

Lyndon provided attendees with a wealth of knowledge on hedgehogs and their habitats, emphasising the crucial role these small mammals play in our ecosystems.

His engaging sessions and hands-on workshops empowered participants to build their own hedgehog and bug-friendly hotels, which they took home to enhance their gardens.

Lyndon said, “Raising awareness about hedgehog conservation is vital, and it’s heartening to see so many people willing to take action to support them.”

The Hedgehog Awareness Weekend underscored the significant impact that small, individual actions can have on the protection and preservation of hedgehogs.

By creating supportive environments in their local areas, community members can contribute to the well-being of hedgehogs and other beneficial wildlife.

Image: Lyndon Howson

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