Get the kids involved this National Gardening Week 

As part of this year’s National Gardening Week (2 – 8 May), MKM Building Supplies branch in Birkenhead has put together a series of fun garden activities to do with the kids.

There’s plenty of fun to be had in the garden with your kids this National Gardening Week! Turn up the fun factor and let their imaginations flourish with these great garden activities.  

  1. Make veggies fun

Creating a raised vegetable patch is a brilliant way to teach your little ones responsibility and patience, whilst encouraging green fingers and veg-filled plates. From the building of the patch to the selecting and caring of the plants, you’re not only providing them with something that is theirs to look after, but also teaching them where our food comes from. 

To create a raised vegetable patch, all you will need is sleepers, soil, and plants. For some extra fun, why not let the kids decorate the sleepers with colourful paint, or chalk if you want something less permanent.

  1. Away with the fairies

Bring a little magic to your outdoor space by creating your kids’ very own fairy garden. Not only do they add whimsical fun to your landscape but are a great way to spark the imagination of your children. 

The first place to start when creating a land for fairies is to pick your decorative aggregates. From golden gravel, green chippings to grey slate, the options are endless! This can be used to make small paths or section out your layout. If you’re left with some excess, why not use it to decorate the rest of your garden to tempt the fairies to explore the rest of your outdoor space.

Leave the rest of the decoration process entirely up to your kids. You’ll find some amazing fairy garden accessories on the market, like fairy doors, houses, toadstools, tables, chairs, fences, anything you would need to bring your fairy garden to life. 

  1. An archway of imagination

Wooden archways always look fabulous with fairy lights intertwined and draped over them, so get the kids involved in the decoration process. Get them to twist the lights around the arch in any way they like, then wait for the sun to set and watch the magic unfold! Not only will it look mystical, but it will make the garden a safer place at night for all the family. 

  1. Bring the beach to your back garden

There’s nothing more fun than having your very own beach, and sandpits are very easy to make. All you need is some timber or a few sleepers, some black lining and, of course, lots of sand!

Perfect for the summer ahead, creating your very own sandpit will provide the children with hours of fun at just a small cost. Get the children involved in the filling of the sandpit too, so they can see it all come together. 

For more garden and landscaping inspiration, talk to our local in-branch experts. For details about your local MKM branch, visit 

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