General Election 2024: What Wirral West candidates have to say

A general election is to be held in the UK on Thursday, 4 July, 2024, and below is what each candidate in the Wirral West constituency has to say.

Following a boundary review, Wirral’s constituencies have been redrawn. The new constituencies are Birkenhead, Ellesmere Port and Bromborough, Wallasey, and Wirral West.

Birkenhead News contacted all candidates standing in Wirral West and asked them to provide a 200-word manifesto.

Following is the list of Wirral West candidates in alphabetical order by surname.

Wirral West

Reform UKKen Ferguson
GreenGail Jenkinson
Conservative and UnionistJenny Johnson
LabourMatthew Patrick
Liberal DemocratsPeter Timothy Clifford Reisdorf

Below, in alphabetical order by surname, are each of the candidate’s responses.

Reform UK – Kenneth Ferguson

Reform UK – Kenneth Ferguson

This country is broken- everyone can see it.

We have record high taxation along with failing public services and the longest delays in getting healthcare we can remember. We have uncontrolled immigration and massive Government debt. We have sky high energy prices and the three main parties all committed to Net Zero ideology and making them higher still.

In Wirral we have a Council using the same ideology to destroy our beaches and make us drive at 20 MPH even when they knew full well this is not what we want. They undertook a survey which showed the 93% of ratepayers were opposed to blanket 20MPH then imposed the policy anyway.

We have politicians who lie to us and seem to prefer spending their time arguing about the definition of a woman than working to improve our lives. They need to be replaced.

This country is broken. It needs Reform.

Green – Gail Jenkinson

Green – Gail Jenkinson

I believe in kind politics that helps and supports you when you need it most. I will defend our green spaces and keep all our greenbelt just that: greenbelt.

Austerity is cruel and there is another way, where we pay child benefits for every child and give them all free school meals. We can re-open libraries and leisure centres and properly fund a truly National Health Service for all, simply by taxing multi-millionaires just 1 or 2% extra.

By fighting climate change, we can make a healthier environment for us all and cut household bills in the process. Clean air, reducing fuel prices and improving home security, quality and affordability are all possible.

A quick search will show you that I am a long-standing campaigner against fracking and for protecting the greenbelt. No weasel words from me. I vigorously oppose Labour’s plans to re-categorise sections of greenbelt as ‘greybelt’. I spoke at Leverhulme and West Kirby sheepfields appeals and have kept my word on defending our green spaces, no matter what.

Wirral West is my home, my children’s home and your home. By voting Green, we can look forward to a future with Real Hope and Real Change.

Conservative and Unionist – Jenny Jones

Conservative and Unionist – Jenny Jones

Law and Order in Our Local Communities: We need more police on our streets and greater support for our police teams to tackle crime effectively, instead of being bogged down with paperwork.

Returning the Golden Sands to Our Shores: As a leisure peninsula, Wirral’s beaches are vital. If elected as your MP, Jenny will address these concerns in Parliament and with the Secretary of State.

Standing Up for Local Educational Choice: Jenny is committed to preserving choice as a fundamental pillar in our area, whether it pertains to grammar schools, residential schools, primary schools, or secondary schools.

Fighting for Our Precious Greenbelt in Wirral West: Since becoming a councillor, Jenny has been a steadfast advocate for our Greenbelt. With Starmer proposing to weaken Greenbelt protections if elected, Jenny will continue to champion and defend these invaluable areas.

Better Access to Local Healthcare and Dentistry: In discussions with healthcare professionals across Wirral West, Jenny will explore initiatives to improve access to local GPs and smaller healthcare clinics.

Backing Local Business, Farming, and Our Vibrant High Streets: Jenny plans to establish a local business forum in every town and will continue to advocate for ample parking and support for local businesses.

Labour – Matthew Patrick

Labour – Matthew Patrick

I’m standing to be the MP for Wirral West because I love the Wirral, but it’s time for change.

The things that make the Wirral such an amazing place – the creativity, community and our beautiful natural spaces – are all still here. But for too many of us, it’s a struggle. I don’t know anybody who isn’t finding ways to cut costs.

We all want good jobs, prosperous businesses, strong public services and beautiful green spaces. Labour will grow our economy, reduce NHS waiting lists, tackle anti-social behaviour, bring down energy bills, build new infrastructure and break down barriers to opportunity. Our first rule is not to promise the earth – only what we can achieve. It won’t happen overnight but Labour has a fully costed plan which is deliverable for Britain.

I’ve been honoured to meet so many Wirral West residents throughout the campaign. Thank you to everyone who has shared their views with me. If you would like to see more about me and what kind of local MP I will be if I am elected, you can visit my website:

Thank you to everyone who is considering their vote ahead of this crucial election.

Liberal Democrats – Peter Reisdorf

Liberal Democrats – Peter Reisdorf

Peter was born in Bromborough and grew up in Hoylake. He has lived in West Kirby since 1991. He went to school in Hoylake and West Kirby. After leaving school he worked in the insurance department of a Liverpool shipping company before retraining in IT. He has a degree in Computer Studies from Liverpool John Moores University and has worked for a Birkenhead-based company since 2011.

In 2000 he was elected to represent Wirral Council’s Royden Ward (Greasby, Frankby and the Newton and Grange parts of West Kirby). Following boundary changes in 2004 he represented Greasby, Frankby and Irby until 2011. During his time on the council he served for several years as the Liberal Democrat spokesperson on leisure and culture issues.

Peter’s priorities include:

  • Rescue the NHS from years of Tory neglect and underfunding.
  • Save the environment by stopping pollution, including sewage dumping.
  • Stand up for carers and stop the DWP hounding them for DWP’s own failures.
  • Stop the Tories scrapping or weakening the Human Rights Act.
  • Introduce a fair voting system so seats won match votes cast.
  • Restore our links to Europe and eventually join the European single market.

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