General Election 2024: What Wallasey candidates have to say

A general election is to be held in the UK on Thursday, 4 July 2024. Below is what each candidate in the Wallasey constituency has to say.

Following a boundary review, Wirral’s constituencies have been redrawn. The new constituencies are Birkenhead, Ellesmere Port and Bromborough, Wallasey, and Wirral West.

Birkenhead News contacted all candidates standing in Wallasey and asked them to provide a 200-word election statement.

Following is the list of Wallasey candidates in alphabetical order by surname.


Workers Party of BritainPhilip Anthony Bimpson
Reform UKDavid Burgess-Joyce
Liberal DemocratsVicky Downie
LabourAngela Eagle
Conservative and UnionistRobbie Lammas
Freedom AllianceIan Pugh
GreenJane Elizabeth Turner

Below, in alphabetical order by surname, are each of the candidate’s responses.

Workers Party of Britain – Philip Anthony Bimpson

Workers Party of Britain – Philip Anthony Bimpson

I want answers for Wallasey — not excuses, I want changes for the better.

I actually live here in Wallasey. I’m not a professional politician, I’m an ordinary working class mechanic.

I’m fed up with broken promises from politicians who only call every time there is an election and they need my vote.

It’s not a lot to ask for good Schools, food, work, or a decent National Health service;
council houses or for prompt Doctors’ and dentists’ appointments.

I am you and you are me, together we can make a difference for the future of Wallasey, so don’t waste your vote, vote for me and the Workers Party Britain.

And let’s all move towards a better future for ourselves and our children.

That’s why I’m running – to try and bring that to the people of Wallasey

 Peace and love. 

Reform UK – David Burgess-Joyce

Reform UK – David Burgess-Joyce

Wallasey has been a wonderful place to live for my family, and I am very protective of it, but I’ve felt it’s been neglected for far too long. A once vibrant place now feels run-down, if not let down, and it really does not have to be this way. We can change what happens here. All is not lost.

I’ve lived here for over 60 years and understand every corner of it. I’m someone who plans to drive investment here, as we have a lot to offer and I know that if we say that Wallasey is open for business the investors will come.

These elections are perhaps the most important in a generation, if not a lifetime, and will decide what type of country we want. If you want hope for your children, and grandchildren, now is the time to change the way you vote.

I will fight to have better funding for our schools, health facilities, housing and policing. I will champion us not just to the wider Merseyside region, but nationally too. Wallasey deserves better, and I ask you to help me win for us all.

Don’t throw your vote away.

Let’s save Wallasey!

Liberal Democrats – Vicky Downie

Liberal Democrats – Vicky Downie

Vicky Downie is a Wirral resident of more than 13 years.

Originally from Southport, Vicky grew up in Scotland gaining a Biomedical Science degree from The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. Vicky lives in Bromborough with her husband of 19 years, Erik, their dog – Spud and their Crested Gecko named Sticky Bob.

Vicky began her career as a Biomedical Scientist on Wirral. During Covid, she retrained as a Pharmacy Dispenser and now works for a major charity providing Adult Social Care to vulnerable Wirral residents at home and in the community.

As someone who works in care, Vicky understands the importance of the Liberal Democrats manifesto pledge to increase care workers minimum wage by £2 an hour, free personal care for those that need it and fight for a fair deal for the many hundreds of Wallasey residents receiving carers allowance.

Vicky is an active member of the Women’s Institute in Liscard, affectionately known as the Iron Maidens. She is also a Guide Leader for her local group and enjoys inspiring young girls to become empowered women for their future.

If you need anything else from me I’m more than happy to provide this. Always happy to talk to Wirral residents!

Labour – Angela Eagle

Labour – Angela Eagle

Only Labour has a plan to achieve the brighter future Wallasey deserves.

14 years of Tory failure have left us with crumbling public services, an NHS on its knees and skyrocketing household bills despite the highest tax burden in 70 years.

It’s time for a real change of Government. Only Labour is serious about achieving the economic growth we need to repair & renew Britain.

Labour has 5 key missions for Government –
1) Kickstart economic growth to secure the highest sustained growth in the G7.
2) Make Britain a clean energy superpower to cut bills, create jobs and deliver energy security.
3) Take back our streets by halving serious violent crime and raising confidence in police and the criminal justice system.
4) Break down barriers to opportunity by reforming our childcare and education systems to remove the class ceiling for the next generation.
5) Build an NHS fit for the future by cutting waiting lists and strengthening our healthcare workforce.

I want to be a vital part of that effort of National renewal, ensuring that Wallasey’s voice is heard in Parliament. If re-elected I will ensure that our local priorities are heard at the highest level of Government.

Conservative and Unionist – Robbie Lammas

Elections are the opportunity to vote for what matters most. And the future we want for our country.

A vote for the Conservatives will secure:

  • More nurses, doctors and better mental health support
  • Higher standards in schools, and more for those with special needs
  • 8,000 more police, each designated to a local community

But every election is also a risk.

  • While Conservatives will cut taxes for people who work and our pensioners, Labour will raise more taxes
  • While Conservatives will remove to Rwanda people who should not be here, Labour says they will scrap the plan
  • While Conservatives will protect our Green Belt, Keir Starmer has said he will allow it to be built on

In Wallasey, it’s a choice between Labour and Conservatives. At the 2019 election, none of the other parties received enough votes to save their deposits.

More recently, in 2023, 89 people voted for ‘Reform’ in Wallasey. Reform came last but Labour beat the Conservatives by just 56 votes. The 89 votes for Reform helped Labour win.

I doubt if that’s what Reform supporters wanted then, or now. Only a vote for the Conservatives will secure our future.

Freedom Alliance – Ian Pugh

Freedom Alliance – Ian Pugh

I am delighted to be running for MP for Wallasey, a community I cherish and am deeply committed to. As a local business owner, I understand the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and the vital role that small businesses play in our area.

My campaign is fueled by a genuine passion for Social Care, Disability, and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Education. My varied background in education, charity, and IT industries has given me a well-rounded perspective and a real understanding of the issues that matter to us all.

I approach my work with a mix of enthusiasm, honesty, and a straightforward attitude. I believe in being open and clear with everyone, making sure your voices are heard and your concerns are addressed. My promise is to always put people and communities first, championing policies and initiatives that enhance the quality of life for all of us in Wallasey.

Together, we can create a more inclusive, thriving community where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. I am committed to working hard for Wallasey, and I look forward to earning your support on this journey.

Green – Jane Elizabeth Turner

Green – Jane Elizabeth Turner

Change isn’t change if your plan is just to do the same wrong things a bit better.

Plans in both the Labour and Conservative manifesto for the NHS would make things worse than at the peak of Austerity. In the UK we invest about £800 per head less than France and £1500 less than the Netherlands. The NHS needs £20 billion just to catch up.

The Mersey is as polluted now as it was in the 1980s, with 2,729 sewage spills recorded last year Private water companies charge high bills and pay shareholders instead of fixing the sewage system. The old parties offer only minor fixes. Greens offer a different future, not more of the same.

A fully publicly funded NHS, peace not war, secure worker’s rights, public ownership of water, a future of warm secure homes and of course an end our dependence on fossil fuels and the security that brings.

Austerity is a political choice. The tax burden on workers is the highest it’s been for 71 years, so it’s time that the super-rich shoulder their share of the bill. A vote for the Green Party is a vote for real hope and real change.

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