General Election 2024: What Birkenhead candidates have to say

A general election is to be held in the UK on Thursday, 4 July 2024. Below is what each candidate in the Birkenhead constituency has to say.

Following a boundary review, Wirral’s constituencies have been redrawn. The constituencies are Birkenhead, Ellesmere Port and Bromborough, Wallasey, and Wirral West.

Birkenhead News contacted all candidates standing in Birkenhead and asked them to provide a 200-word manifesto.

Following is the list of Birkenhead candidates in alphabetical order by surname.


GreenJo Bird
Freedom AllianceCatherine Evans
Liberal DemocratsStuart Kelly
LabourAlison McGovern
Conservative and UnionistSarah Payne
ReformTony Stanley

Below, in alphabetical order by surname, are each of the candidate’s responses.

Green – Jo Bird

Green – Jo Bird

Wirral Green Party has announced Jo Bird as candidate for Birkenhead at the General Election.

Greens are the clear challengers to Labour in Birkenhead. Last year in local elections, more people voted Green than Labour. 38% voted Green and 36% voted Labour across the Birkenhead constituency including Bebington. The Greens hold 10 out of 21 council seats in Birkenhead.

Jo said, “At this election, Greens are offering a simple choice; real hope and real change with me or business as usual with Labour. People know that the Tories can’t win here. A Green MP would send a clear message to those who have taken your support for granted for decades, that Birkenhead deserves better.

“Because people in Birkenhead deserve an MP that works tirelessly to put Birkenhead first, to deliver for everyone in our community. An MP who will fight to rebuild our NHS, end the scandal of low pay and champion peace not war. An MP who will clearly say that the wealth of the super-rich should be taxed to pay for our public services.

“All of this is possible, and voters in Birkenhead can make it happen. Make history on 4 July. Vote Jo Bird for Birkenhead MP.”

Freedom Alliance – Catherine Evans

Freedom Alliance – Catherine Evans

Voting for me is voting for :

Thinking outside of the box and doing things differently. I represent the views of the people, over that of large corporations and corrupted or controlled politicians. Allowing debate and free speech.

Ending climate change and environment alarmism and fear-mongering. This means putting problems and solutions into perspective and context. Challenging Net Zero policies, finding a balance between human and environmental needs. Removing illiberal infringements on our liberties such as travel restrictions or manipulation of public behaviour, e.g. unnecessary 20mph roads, and fighting against additional costs of living, such as proposed carbon taxes.

Protecting the public from government and corporate overreach into our lives. Examining whatever’s being peddled as ‘’for your/everyone’s own good’, and offering and supporting alternatives.

Keeping cash as a payment option, e.g. Mersey Tunnels want to make tunnel travel cashless. This protects financial anonymity and supports those with financial problems and disability issues in making transactions.

Relieving pressure on housing, services, employment prospects and the welfare system with thoughtful immigration policies.

I pledge to support local, small, independent and sole-trader businesses by having a specially dedicated surgery for them. I’ll improve local work prospects by increasing apprenticeships, training and related infrastructure.

Liberal Democrat – Stuart Kelly

Liberal Democrat – Stuart Kelly

Stuart Kelly is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Birkenhead and is currently a Councillor for Oxton.

Health and care services have been brought to their knees, mortgages and rent have skyrocketed and water companies are polluting our rivers. This government has to go.

The more votes the Liberal Democrats achieve the more we can influence the future direction of the next Government.

My priorities for Birkenhead are:

Regenerating of Birkenhead: We need more affordable houses, built to a high standard and fitted with modern heating, lighting, and solar panel technology.

Stop Sewage Dumping: Sewage has been dumped into our rivers more than 1 million times over the past three years. Time to abolish ofwat, fine the companies and stop the sewage dumping.

Standing up for Caring: Carers do a remarkable job they deserve our support. Lib Dems are committed to free personal care for elderly and disabled adults.

Ending Mental Health Injustice: Lib Dems want mental and physical health treated equally and prioritise early intervention to prevent people experiencing a mental health crisis.

Joining the Single European Market: Restoring trade within the Single European Market is essential to ensuring prosperity; removing barriers to free trade will bring prices down.

Labour – Alison McGovern

Labour – Alison McGovern

As Labour MP for Wirral South, I represented Bebington for 14 years – now joining the new Birkenhead following boundary changes.

I’m standing on my record of getting things done. I worked to create Port Sunlight River Park, and helped save Birkenhead’s Williamson Art Gallery, for example.

I want everybody in Birkenhead to have a good home, a good job, and something good at the weekend. Labour has a plan for each.

We will: build 1.5 million more homes over the next 5 years; introduce the biggest upgrade to workers’ rights in a generation with our New Deal for Working People; fight child poverty; and support our fantastic culture which makes the Wirral special.

I supported the creation of Future Yard, Birkenhead’s newest music venue, and support Birkenhead Park’s campaign to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In Parliament, I will keep fighting to change our country. After chairing the group of MPs on the Hillsborough disaster, I campaigned for Hillsborough Law, which Labour will introduce with a legal duty of candour.

Birkenhead, Bebington and our country deserves the best future. The past 14 years have been little better than chaos. Please vote Labour on 4 July 2024 for change.

Conservative and Unionist – Sarah Payne

Conservative and Unionist – Sarah Payne

I believe a good MP can make a difference. And Birkenhead was fortunate to have one of the most decent, principled politicians this country has ever produced – the late Frank Field.

In spite of Covid and the war in Ukraine, we are making progress:

  • More schools in Birkenhead are rated as good or outstanding
  • The new £28m A&E unit at Arrowe Park is about to open
  • An extra 724 officers have joined Merseyside Police

At this election, I am standing on a manifesto that will secure our future:

  • Cut National Insurance and abolish it altogether for around 6,000 self employed people in Birkenhead
  • Our new Triple Lock Plus means around 16,000 pensioners here will not pay Income Tax on their state pension
  • Give local companies, including Cammell Laird, more opportunity to gain contracts as we invest more to keep our country safe
  • Recruit 8,000 more police, each designated to a local community, working with residents to tackle anti-social behaviour and street crime

Labour is taking the result for granted. Just as they have taken Birkenhead and parts of Merseyside for granted. Voting Conservative in Birkenhead will send them a message.

Reform – Tony Stanley

The Reform candidate did not respond to our requests for a statement.

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