Future Yard celebrates birthday this weekend

On 19 September 2020, Future Yard opened its doors to an audience for the first time. 

She Drew The Gun played live to an audience of 60 lucky souls, who filled the Live Room for a socially-distanced gig that marked the start of our journey at 75 Argyle Street.

It’s a show that will live long in the memory – not just for those lucky few who were there, but for those who tuned in to the show’s live stream, and everyone who has come and enjoyed a live performance at Future Yard since.

It was an emotional day for all of the staff, as it not only marked an exciting new chapter for Future Yard, but it also provided a ray of light in the middle of the COVID-19 lockdown. This was a difficult period for lots of people, and was a particular struggle for the whole live music industry, which came to a halt amid the restrictions.

The team at Future Yard had intended on opening their new venue space on Argyle Street six months earlier, but all plans were torn to pieces by the new normal. That’s why this show, a bright spot amid the gloom, will always be viewed with great affection.

This birthday party show is the first of an annual celebration of this first step of the venue’s story. This is alongside the annual Future Now Weekender on August bank holiday weekend, which is a nod to Future Yard’s launch festival in 2019.

A statement on the venue’s website says, “Celebrating two years since the first ever show at our home on Argyle Street, we’ve brought together some of the best artists we’ve worked with since we opened for a big old musical party in our Live Room.

“We’ve got the swaggering Mercurialism of Mickey Callisto headlining the night, bringing all the energy, sweaty ballads and shellsuits that a good birthday party needs! We’re also delighted to have the wonky jazz pop of Ostrich and Nudist‘s big riffing psych grooves to enjoy as we eat far too much birthday cake. Salt The Snail are the perfect party band, purely because they don’t need the sugar rush from eating too many sweets to go over the top with the bombast on stage.

“Local indie rockers The Causeways are making big strides right now, so we’re over the moon to be able to show off their talents on our Big Night; along with one of the biggest grooving artists from our PROPELLER artist mentorship programme, Black Utah. We’re also absolutely delighted to be showing off the talents of two newer acts, Trout and Nedafinil, who form part of our beloved FY Family.”

Mickey Callisto

Simply put, Mickey Callisto is unlike anything around at the moment, a self-aware beacon of positivity who celebrates being yourself in the purest form. A new kind of popstar, he makes psychedelic, bedroom-made synth-pop bangers whilst he has separated the ego from the self, seeing everyone as equal and bringing a refreshing outlook and experience that is set to break out in 2022.

Blck Utah

Blck Utah is the musical soul of Canadian-born producer and multi-instrumentalist Jamieson Muir. While pulling from the driving sonic aesthetic of songwriting icons such as Bruce Springsteen, The War on Drugs and Johnny Cash, he also finds inspiration in the choppy sampling made famous by the likes of J Dilla and the Akai MPC3000. Through his music, Jamie shares his exploration into the human condition and the beauty and brokenness found in small towns across the prairieland.


Nudist are noise terrorists. Powered by explosive drumming, they up the ante with intricate thudding baselines and guitar that swell into a frenzy of noise that pierces even the most hardened gig goers eardrums. Its psych, its noise, it’s kraut, its rhythmic and it never ever stops, winding up and down until a crescendo that sees the guitars and bassist crawling around the floor of the stage and letting the feedback see them out.


Future Yard Birthday Party!
Big birthday celebration – featuring
Mickey Callisto
+ Ostrich
+ Salt The Snail
+ Nudist
+ The Causeways
+ Trout
+ Black Utah
+ Nedafinil
Saturday 17 September 2022
75 Argyle Street, Birkenhead
Doors 5pm
Tickets £12 adv

Main image: Robin Clewley

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