Funding supports community cycling initiative

Established by Joe Grant and Hollie Burnett, Energise Cycles is a community-oriented business based on Dock Road on the Wallasey side of Wirral Waters.

Travis Perkins Managed Services and Magenta Living has helped to support and fund Energise Cycles, a community bike servicing initiative through its Legacy Fund.

The fund, which has been made to support community projects, was used by Energise Cycles to provide the Magenta community with free bike checks, repairs, road safety lessons, and workshops. The sessions took place at eight different locations across Wirral and was able to directly benefit 157 people.

The bike repair workshops taught children how to check their bike, how to keep it clean and safe, how to fix a puncture and other fixes.

These workshops were aimed at beginners with no mechanical experience or children who wanted to learn more. The sessions were tailored to the ability and education level of those involved.

The sessions also saw 77 bikes serviced, while the team also serviced scooters, wheelchairs, and motorbikes that were also brought in. Energise Cycles also recycled a total of 25 bikes that couldn’t be fixed and replaced them with a working bike.

If a participant had had their bike stolen or broken, if they had outgrown theirs, or if they couldn’t afford one, Energise Cycles provided a basic model bike at the standard price of £80.

One of the participants, Josh, from the Core Project in Bidston, brought his bike to the session but it was too small for him and was replaced with a more suitable model that he fell in love with. One of the instructors took him and his friends for a bike ride.

Joe Grant of Energise Cycles

David Brown Regional Director Travis Perkins Managed Services from Travis Perkins Managed Services said, “We are so glad that Travis Perkins Legacy Fund has been able to help the Birkenhead community.

“By helping people cycle more safely and more often it means they can benefit from cheaper travel and better health. As a whole, it means the community will benefit from lower congestion, better air quality and better health.  We couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

Hollie Burnett from Energise Cycles said, “Energise Cycles strives to empower the community with the skills and knowledge needed to properly ride and care for their bikes, meaning families can ride and exercise together while also having a new cost-effective and eco-friendly mode of transport.

 “We want to make cycling more accessible, sustainable, and affordable for the community.”

The program also organised obstacle courses and games centred around cycle safety to educate cyclists on real road safety skills and encourage helmet wearing. These sessions were aimed at children and beginners, with 43 participants attending.

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