Full list of Wirral road closures for Coronation parties

More than 70 streets across the Wirral will close as people celebrate the coronation of King Charles III.

The historic ceremony will take place on Saturday 6 May at Westminster Abbey in London, almost nine months after he became King following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Consort Camilla will also be crowned following the main coronation ceremony and will be the first coronation to take place in the UK in almost 70 years.

Below are the times and dates that roads will be closed over the coronation weekend:

Laurelhurst Road (Between 9 – 15) – Pensby – 8th May (10am-7pm)
Deardford Road (Spring Hill to Dearnford Close) – Bromborough – 7th May (10am-8pm)
Oldfield Road (Between 17 Meadowcroft Road and 5 Oldfield Road) – Wallasey – 7th May (10am-10pm)
Alverstone Avenue (Full extent) – Claughton – 6th May (midday-midnight)
Egan Road (bottom end by church) – Bidston – 6th May (10am-8pm)
Kingsland Road (from Albert Road to Junction of Adelaide Road) – Birkenhead – 8th May (10am-8pm)
Paterson Street (between 1 and 155) – Birkenhead – 7th May (10am-9pm)
Brimstage Avenue (From its junction with Thornton Road (cut through) to its junction with King’s Road) Bebington – 6th and 7th May (10.30am-6:30pm)
Brill Street (Full extent) – Bidston and St.James – 6th May (10am-10pm)
Clare Way, Wallasey – 7th May (10am-9pm)
Wentworth Drive, leading onto Brookhurst Avenue – Clatterbridge – 7th May (1pm-7pm)
St Georges Avenue (Full extent) – Prenton – 6th May (10am-10pm)
Holly Avenue (Beechway to Firs Avenue) – Bebington – 6th May (10.30am-7pm)
Bishop Road (Full extent) – Seacombe – 6th May (10am-midnight)
Cavendish Drive (from Alexander Drive to Borough Road) – Rock Ferry – 7th May (10am-8pm)
Richmond Close at the junction of Richmond Road – Bebington – 7th May (1pm-10pm)
Rosemead Avenue (42-46/51-55) – Pensby & Thingwall – 7th May (10am-6pm)
Edenpark Road (Full extent) – Prenton – 6th May (midday-8pm)
Derwent Drive (end of road o/s 13, 15, 18, 20) – Liscard – 7th May (midday-10pm)
Dodd Avenue (Rigby Drive to Howell Drive) – Greasby, Frankby & Irby – 7th May (3pm-11pm)
Bertram Drive (From 56 to 31 Bertram Drive; at western end from 36 to 11a Bertram Drive) – Hoylake & Meols – 7th May (10am-6pm)
Radley Road (Junction of Claremount Road and Shrewsbury Road) – 7th May (10am-10pm)
Woodland Drive (between 14 and 28) – Pensby & Thingwall – 6th May (10am-11pm)
Bryanston Road (Junction with Waterpark Road) – Prenton – 7th May (11am-6pm)
Ascot Grove (from 1/2 Ascot Grove) – Bebington – 7th May (1.30pm-5.30pm)
Oak Avenue (between Elm Avenue and Beech Avenue) – Moreton West and Saughall Massie – 7th May (10am-10pm)
Windy Bank (Full extent and adjacent greenspace for staging event) – Port Sunlight – 7th May (10am-6pm)
Brookdale Avenue South (141 – 163) – Greasby – 7th May (midday-7pm)
Power Road (whole road From Woodward Road) – Rock Ferry – 6th May (11am-6pm)
Picton Close (Between 14 and 22)- Oxton – 6th & 7th May (1pm-6pm)
Gerard Avenue (Cul de sac) – Wallasey – 7th May (11am-11pm)
Dearnford Avenue (Corner of 30 to 15) – 6th May (noon-9pm)
Rigby Drive (between Lloyd and Dodd) – 6th May (1pm-6pm)
Smallridge Close – Pensby – 6th May (10am-11pm)
Chomondeley Road (Between Princess Avenue and Egerton Drive) – West Kirby – 7th May (11am-8pm)
Fairway South (2 to 16) – Bromborough – 7th May (noon-6pm)
Thorstone Drive – Irby – 7th May (1pm-6pm)
Rathmore Road – Oxton – 6th May (1pm-6pm)
Grant Road (No. 2 to Shackleton Road) – Leasowe – 7th May (10am-7pm)
Meadowbrook Road (From the junction of Hoylake Road to the junction of Childwall Avenue) – Moreton – 8th May (12.30pm-6pm)
Devonshire Road (Between 37 and 65) – Upton – 7th May (noon-8pm)
Liversidge Road – Birkenhead – 6th May (10am-6pm)
Arroweside – Greasby – 6th May (noon-midnight)
Pine View Drive – Heswall – 7th May (10am-8pm)
Claremount Drive – Bebington – 7th May (11am-9pm)
Poulton Royd Drive – Spital – 6th May (noon-midnight)
Broxton Road and Tilston Road – Wallasey – 6th May (10am-8pm)
Greenheys Road – Irby – 8th May (noon-8pm)
Malvern Road – Wallasey – 7th May (noon-11pm)
Parkway – Irby – 7th May (10am-8pm)
Rusland Avenue – Pensby – 6th May (noon-6pm)
Whitfield Lane – Heswall – 8th May (noon-5pm) – this one is pending, location not suitable, trying to find an alternative
Aylesbury Avenue (between Prestbury Ave and Ledbury Close – Oxton – 6th May (2pm-midnight)
Prospect Road – Prenton – 7th May (noon-midnight)
Rosebery Avenue – Liscard – 6th May (noon-9pm)
Neale Drive (Top of Neale Drive, off Dingwall Drive / Bottom of Neale Drive, off Appleton Drive) – Greasby – May 7th (1pm-8pm)
Glenmore Road (21-30 Glenmore Road up to Kylemore Road junction) – Oxton – 7th May (10am-9pm)
Eton Drive (Between 2 and 28) – Thornton Hough – 7th & 8th May (10am-10pm)
Rankin Street – Seacombe – 6th May (10.30am-9pm)
Mostyn Avenue – West Kirby – 6th & 7th May (8am-8pm)
Raeburn Avenue – West Kirby – 8th May (2pm-5pm)
Rivington Road – Seacombe – 7th May (10am-7pm)
Alistair Drive (between Angus Road and Malcolm Crescent) – Bromborough – 7th May (noon-9pm)
Barn Hey Crescent (49 – 73) – Meols – 8th May (11.30am-midnight)
Sheen Road – New Brighton – 6th May (noon-10pm)
Shaw Street – Birkenhead – 6th May (10am-7pm)
Francis Avenue – Birkenhead – 6th May (10am-7pm)
Highfields – Heswall – 8th May (noon-5pm)
Victoria Road (Rowson Street to Windsor Street) – New Brighton – 6th May (5am-6pm)
Inglemere Road (Albany Road to Clarke Avenue) – Rock Ferry – 7th May (2pm-9pm)
Conway Drive (2 to 18) – Birkenhead – 7th May (10am-10pm)

Image: Mike Benna

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