Fox rescue and advisory service launches in Wirral

Pawprints Wildlife Rescue (PWR) is now operating a local 24-hour fox rescue and advisory service covering the entire Wirral area. PWR has taken its passion a step further with the completion of a new Fox Rehabilitation Unit.

The Fox Unit is a fully equipped and quiet clinical space, operated by PWR’s fox team who work around the clock to rehabilitate sick and injured foxes reported by Wirral residents. They provide excellent care through years of experience and their knowledge of the species.

A spokesperson for Pawprints Wildlife Rescue said, “We hope to eliminate the need for sick and injured foxes, who are at the most vulnerable time in their lives, to be transported off the peninsula for life-saving treatment – sometimes up to 50 miles or more – which can be unduly stressful for a poorly fox as previously there was not a local rescue set up to save them.

“The unit is ideally situated near to our trusted vets. We are all so excited that now we have everything we need in place, we can make a real difference for our local fox population.”

PWR wants to raise awareness of The Fox Unit’s presence in Wirral so as many people as possible know that the service is here for the Wirral fox population. PWR’s 24/7 helpline is 07900615972 should you see a fox requiring help.

PWR is always in need of donations to keep going. The Fox Unit needs constant supplies of :

  • Various medications
  • Antiseptics
  • Rehydrating fluids
  • Restorative Care food

The daily needs of Pawprints Wildlife Rescue include:

  • Puppy pads
  • Towels
  • Food
  • Blankets
  • Kitchen rolls
  • Medical gloves
  • Pet disinfectant
  • Floor wipes

If you can help with donations or even any supplies (old towels or blankets, etc.), you can contact PWR through the usual social media channels, where you can also see updates about the work that the team does.

Stay updated on Wirral fox stories on Facebook at Pawprints Fox Unit , and on Instagram at @thefoxunit

Text Donate : You can help by texting FOX and then a space and the amount you wish to donate, for example, FOX 10 to 70085 to donate £10

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