Former charity office could be converted to meet homeless demand in Liverpool

A former charity office on one of Liverpool’s busiest roads could be revamped to help tackle the city’s homelessness crisis.

Proposals have been lodged with Liverpool Council’s planning department to convert the large office building on Scotland Road, previously occupied by city region organisation Local Solutions, to provide 32 en-suite rooms for young people in need of housing.

The application, submitted alongside Aspire Studios, comes following an initial bid last year to transform the building into a 35-bed house of multiple occupancy (HMO).

Should the charity’s application be successful, the building would be divided into two separate and self-contained residential units managed by each partner.

Local Solutions, a charity launched in 1974, delivers services to support individuals, families and communities across the Liverpool City Region and North Wales. Their work is focused on supporting people experiencing disadvantage, exclusion and vulnerability.

The business, which has an office in Wavertree, provides social care, support and accommodation and communities departments.

Debbie Cooke, chief operating officer and Labour councillor for Fazakerley East, said, “We are delighted to be part of a pioneering partnership with Aspire Studios on a project to upgrade our supported accommodation for young people at Scotland Road. It is only through this unique collaboration that we will be able to deliver the investment needed to improve and sustain this vital service for vulnerable young people in our community.

“There is a direct synergy between ourselves and Aspire. We are innovating different accommodation models to provide for people who, without our support, would otherwise be at increased risk of homelessness.”

Scotland Road, known colloquially as Scottie Road, is a section of the A59 heading towards Liverpool city centre around the Everton and Vauxhall areas of the city. It was so named owing to its history as a stagecoach route to Scotland following construction in the 1770s.

Plans had initially been put forward by Elite Estates Development Ltd seeking to change existing offices into a 35-bed HMO across multiple floors. The new designs by Local Solutions would include 32 new rooms, with access to communal rooms, facilities and a support hub.

An additional 39 studio apartments would be incorporated as part of the development, managed by Aspire.

A date has not been confirmed for the plans to be considered by Liverpool Council’s planning department.

Image: How the properties could look on Scotland Road. Credit: Aspire

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