Fire engines drive the message there is No Excuse for sexual violence

Fire engines are driving the message across Merseyside that there is No Excuse for sexual violence of any kind.

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service have given their support to the Safer Streets Merseyside campaign by featuring the artwork on two of their fire appliances.

Safer Streets Merseyside is an awareness-raising campaign focused on preventing sexual violence particularly in the night-time economy and on public transport – two areas women highlighted as being of particular concern.

It focuses on identifying and calling out unacceptable and harmful behaviours and making it clear there is a zero-tolerance approach to sexual violence in Merseyside, while also encouraging anyone who has been affected by sexual violence to reach out for support.

Following the latest phase which went live in September for the return of Freshers’ Week, campaign messaging featured in key areas such as student accommodation, around the universities, in the city centre, across the transport network and in popular student bars.

As part of the powerful visual marketing campaign, the fire engines are to carry the message targeted at potential perpetrators and make it clear there is no excuse for behaviours such as stalking either physically or online, groping or uninvited touching.

Merseyside’s Police Commissioner Emily Spurrell said, “There is No Excuse for sexual violence and it’s important we take a proactive approach to tackling this issue. It’s imperative that these powerful messages are seen far across our region so that we can change attitudes and encourage long-term behavioural change.

“Our campaign is designed to challenge would-be perpetrators and make it clear that we take a zero-tolerance approach to these utterly unacceptable and harmful behaviours, while also supporting women to get support if they’ve been affected.

“It’s fantastic that Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service are supporting our very clear message so that we can reassure women that we take their safety very seriously and will not tolerate sexual violence of any kind.

“Stalking either physically or online, exposing yourself in public, groping and uninvited touching – these are all forms of sexual violence that no girls or women should have to endure.”

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Station Manager Tim Selby said, “Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service fully support the zero-tolerance approach to sexual violence in Merseyside. There is No Excuse for sexual violence, and it is unacceptable for women and girls to be subjected to degradation, groping and catcalling.

“Sexual violence is something we firmly believe no one should have to experience. We hope that the powerful visual campaign on the side of Liverpool City and Kensington appliances will create a catalyst for positive behaviour change.”

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