Fifth arrest in Life School Wirral investigation

Detectives have arrested a fifth man in connection with allegations of child cruelty at an independent school in Wirral.

An investigation was launched after the BBC broadcast video footage recorded by an undercover journalist at Life School Wirral on 17 June.

On Tuesday, 9 July, a 21-year-old man from Neston was arrested on suspicion of child cruelty. He was taken into custody to be interviewed and has now been conditionally bailed.

Police say that enquiries into the matter are ongoing.

The LDRS previously reported that staff members were recorded making cruel and offensive remarks about pupils. In some cases, they were shown directly addressing students using homophobic and ableist language.

Following the BBC Panorama programme, parents of current and former pupils at the school said, “We as a group of parents are disgusted, shocked, and deeply saddened by the footage which showed our children being treated in the most appalling ways by the staff of Life Wirral School.”

The group is being supported by Kirwans Solicitors and asked for privacy as “the process of healing our children will be a long and difficult one”.

They added, “We are also disappointed with the relevant agencies who had been previously informed of concerns surrounding Life School yet failed to take adequate action to protect our children.

“Nevertheless, our children are our priority, and we will work with these agencies to ensure that they are placed in a safe and appropriate environment which will allow them to continue with their education.

“The authorities have started their investigation into both Life Wirral School and their staff, and we as a group will support this investigation in the hope that appropriate action is taken against all of those involved.

“We would like to thank the BBC Panorama team for taking reported concerns seriously and working diligently to uncover the actions of the staff at Life Wirral School, ensuring that no other child will be exposed to the same type of behaviour.

“A heartfelt thank you also goes out to our local community who have shown nothing but support and compassion, we are grateful to each and every one of you. We understand that emotions are running high after the programme was aired and we strongly request that the families of any person shown in the footage are not targeted with reprisals, they have done nothing wrong.”

Image credit: Ed Barnes/LDRS

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