Father’s delight as school road safety campaign in Garston pays off

Work is underway to install vital road safety measures outside two south Liverpool schools.

In an email seen by the LDRS, Liverpool Council has confirmed progress has been made in delivering new traffic calming installations around Gilmour Infants and Junior schools in Garston. The area has been the subject of much consternation from parents who have raised issues about the safety of pupils.

Among those expressing their fears was dad Hugh Sheridan, whose son Jacob, nine, was subject to a near miss involving a car in October last year. Last month, the local authority confirmed it would look to install safety measures but blamed a lack of resources in the team responsible.

In the documents seen by the LDRS, Mufu Durowoju, Liverpool Council interim divisional manager for highways, confirmed work had begun today on the installation of wooden bollards around the junctions near to the schools, as well as a pedestrian guardrail outside of school entrance.

From next week, a series of single and double yellow lines are to be marked down, with additional warning and no waiting signs. Mr Durowoju also said enforcement teams would be increasing their presence around the school from June 5.

The highways manager confirmed in his email that all work would be completed during the current half-term. In previous correspondence, also seen by the LDRS, Mr Durowoju said a second phase could lead to the introduction of a one-way system. 

Reacting to the upgrade, Mr Sheridan said, “There is an epidemic of arrogance and apathy across Liverpool, and across the country, that drivers – mostly men between ages of 20-40 – can ignore double yellow lines and park fully on pavements blocking for disabled, children, elderly, wheelchair users but also more dangerously blocking 360 visibility around for drivers.

“There are too many stories emanating from junior school in regards to accidents and injuries in school. It’s also completely unfair on all school children across Liverpool as some are safer than others when leaving school. 

“Policed zones at all Liverpool schools should be standard – they make the most sense.” Mr Sheridan praised the work of Mr Durowoju and said he hoped both he and the highways commissioner Neil Gibson were able to stay in post longer, given their impact in improving the situation.

Image: Gilmour Infant School. Credit: GOOGLE

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