Family pay tribute to ‘gentle soul’ who died following aggravated burglary in Rock Ferry

The family of David Quigley, 69, who died in Rock Ferry following an aggravated burglary, have issued the following tribute.

His brother, Tom Quigley, said, “My brother David was a gentle soul. He was troubled for many years with mental health problems and chronic anxiety, which sometimes made everyday issues seem insurmountable to him. But he was loved and respected by his many family, friends, neighbours and fellow churchgoers alike.

“As those who knew him would agree, if you were ever down on your uppers, David would be there to give whatever he could, despite not having much himself.

“If he was to walk around Grange Road, Birkenhead Market or New Ferry, it wouldn’t be long before someone would shout over ‘Hello Dave, how are you doing?’

“He was such a well-known character and as his younger brother, I was always amazed at just how many passers-by were pleased to see him.

“He had lived in his house for over 40 years and in the words of his community nurse, ‘his mental health had benefitted from this stable environment.’

“He didn’t deserve to end his days in this way. He had many years ahead of him to share with us all. He used to phone me most days – it’s very quiet now.

“Everyone whose life he touched will miss him very, very much, not least me, his only brother.

“The family would be grateful to be left in peace to mourn their loss.”

Image: David Quigley/Family handout

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