Emotional plea from family of Carol Mighall, missing since January

Carol Mighall was last seen in Rodney Street, Birkenhead, at 4.40pm on Monday 4 January, 2021.

Her family is becoming increasingly concerned about her welfare. birkenhead.news spoke to Cheryl Doyle, who is Carol’s sister-in-law, who made an emotional plea for information confirming that Carol is safe and well.

Carol Mighall is described as a white 51-year-old female, 5ft 4in tall, of slim build and with a pale complexion. She has brown shoulder-length hair, often worn in a ponytail.

When last seen, she was wearing a khaki-coloured parka-style coat with grey fur on the hood, blue jeans and black and white speckled trainers. She was also carrying a black handbag with a shoulder strap.

She is known to frequent Birkenhead and Liverpool city centre.

Cheryl Doyle said that Carol is “lively, bubbly and an outgoing person” who is well known locally and is a “chatterbox.”

Carol is in a stable relationship with Cheryl’s brother, Dave. “She has been with my brother for over 35yrs, this is the longest time they have been separated.”, Cheryl said.

“They have five children and nine grandchildren. Her grandson had his 1st birthday without his nanny.”, Cheryl told us. “[Our family is] emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted. But we are all trying to keep strong for her kids, and her family.”

Cheryl last saw Carol before Christmas. Cheryl’s husband has dementia and heart failure, so her time is occupied being his carer, but she and the rest of the family check out every reported possible sighting of Carol, but sadly to date, no sighting has been confirmed.

Cheryl told us that during the past 18-12 months, Carol had become overwhelmed with stress over a build-up of rent arrears and had become depressed.

Cheryl said, “Stress over lockdown, arrears etc. overwhelmed her.” Being such a friendly and outgoing person Cheryl thinks that Carol has been adversely affected by lockdown and turned to drink. “The odd drink became a bottle, which then became frequent, and then daily.”, Cheryl explained

“Obviously, we know drink doesn’t help.”, Cheryls said. “So we got her to see her GP and she was given medication. She seemed to respond well but did begin with the alcohol again.”

On the day Carol was last seen, she didn’t take any of her medication, her mobile phone or any money with her. “She did have my nephew’s bank card which she used the day she left, but it has not been used since.”, Cheryl said.

The last thing Carol bought with the bank card was a litre bottle of vodka and 20 cigarettes during the evening of Monday 4 January in a shop bottom of Argyle Street, Birkenhead. The posters that the family have made feature a frame from the CCTV camera in this shop.

Cheryl pleaded for information on Carol’s welfare, “We just need to have confirmation she is OK, she doesn’t have to return home if she’s not wanting to, but we do need to know something, anything at all.”

“Despite our family posting missing flyers etc., the police check in with my niece maybe twice a week to ask if we’ve updates etc.”, Cheryl continued.

“All possible sightings are unconfirmed, as the person is no longer there when we arrive.”, Cheryl told us. “My brother-in-law has taken to walking each of the areas [where a possible sighting has been reported] hoping to bump into her or catch sight of her.”

Cheryl concluded by issuing an impassioned plea to Carol: “Please contact anyone of us, just let us know you are okay, our Kayleigh and the boys are breaking bit by bit as is my brother dave.

“The family is in turmoil not knowing the hearts of her children breaking my niece Kayleigh is trying to hold up and be strong but internally she is broken, exhausted and distraught.”

“Please, Carol let any of us know you’re OK.”

Anyone who has seen Carol or knows of her whereabouts is asked to DM @MerPolCC or @missingpeople on 116 000.