Ellie Burke is raising mental health awareness with her new music video ‘Filtered Reality’

Liverpool singer Ellie Burke is using her university music dissertation ‘Filtered Reality’ to raise awareness about mental health.

‘Filtered Reality’ takes you into Ellie’s world and insecurities caused by social media and how it has affected her in a negative way, from the filtered images, stories and narratives that lead to unrealistic expectations and lifestyles.

Ellie Burke wrote Filtered Reality as part of her university music dissertation to raise awareness about the negative impact of social media. Ellie took a specific approach by researching individual accounts of people who have suffered and are still suffering from mental health problems due to cyberbullying and comparison to filtered realities portrayed online. 

Ellie Burke said, “One girl spoke about how social media exasperated her eating disorder due to the negative content surrounding her disorder that was easily accessible. Another account discussed how cyberbullying ruined their mental health and wellbeing. One influencer spoke about how she suffered with anxiety due to Instagram because she was sharing her life in unhealthy ways, ways that weren’t the real her, and people were influenced by her unrealistic lifestyle. This is where my idea for ‘Filtered Reality’ came from.”

Ellie is aware that social media has its positives, such as building connections, finding valuable information, education and entertainment. Her goal is to let others know that they are not alone with their struggles, whatever they may be.

Ellie Burke wants to come across as an artist who writes engaging, thought-provoking music that provides an escape for her listeners. She debuted on the 20th of January with her spacious single “The Moon”, followed with her charming sophomore single “Together” which speaks on devotion and love, boasting a simple acoustic production with dreamy vocals.

Ellie fuses the writing and lyrical style of soft pop with lo-fi beats to create her unique sound, drawing influences from the likes of Sasha Sloan and Olivia Dean. You can find Ellie Burke busking, regularly performing in venues and events all around Liverpool, making her locally recognised has the relatable down-to-earth star in the making.

Her inspiration started as a teenager watching Disney and Nickelodeon stars such as Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande. Ellie’s aspiration to “sing on stage like Hannah Montana and Demi Lovato” pushed her to take up performing arts in school, start attending singing auditions and study music production at university.

‘Filtered Reality’ and the music video will be on streaming platforms from the 16th of June 2023.

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