Ellesmere Port Market transformation work starts

Work starts next week (13 – 17 May) to remove the white canopy above the Ellesmere Port Market entrance.

The work is scheduled to take up to five days and during this time the market entrance facing Asda will be closed for safety.

Councillor Nathan Pardoe, Cabinet Member for Inclusive Economy, Regeneration and Digital Transformation said, “Removing the old canopy marks the start of the transformation works at Ellesmere Port Market. Some of the traders will need to move temporarily to accommodate the works, but all will be able to trade with the market remaining open throughout.

“I hope people continue to visit Ellesmere Port Market and support the market traders throughout the works.  

“The main entrance has to be closed for safety reasons whilst the canopy work takes place, but the Port Arcades, both flea market entrances and York Road entrances will remain open.”

During the works several parking spaces in front of the market will be temporarily unavailable, alternative spaces, including additional disabled spaces, are available nearby.

When work starts on the market interior there will be some relocation of stalls. Follow the market on social media for details of which stalls are being temporarily moved and where they will be.

The transformation works include creating a flexible event space in the Flea Market to attract a wider range of events to be held there, alongside the current uses.  

Improvements to the outside of the building involve cladding the external facades with durable non-combustible material. Bright colours (‘Sunspot’ warm yellow and ‘Tasman Orange’) will highlight the entrances that are being redesigned to improve accessibility.

Making the building more energy efficient is a key part of the plans, that includes the installation of PV panels and mechanical ventilation equipment on the roof of the building.

Details about the project and wider improvements to the town centre and Active Travel routes are included in a new display in the market, as work progresses, this will be updated and shared online.

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